Branded Gazebos Support Red Frogs Organisation

Red Frogs Shade7 Branded Gazebo
Shade7 are proud to have sponsored Red Frogs, a support network for young adults in social environments, with heavy duty printed gazebos. As they assist young adults in a variety of situations, the branded gazebos will offer shade and assist in recognition.

From small beginnings on the east coast of Australia to the reputable organisation that it is today, Red Frogs have gone above and beyond to engage with the 15-25 year old age bracket. With a heart for empowering a generation of youth and a vision of safety, Red Frogs Support Network not only offers a safe environment for University students, party and festival goers, event managers, sporting groups and musicians, but challenges the culture of acceptance and identity among these demographics.

The not-for-profit organisation is fueled by an annual 2000+ volunteers around the globe all looking to create a positive environment among gathered youth. With close partnership alongside St Johns, Red Frogs provide areas called “Safe-Zones” where they act as an intermediary where individuals can lay down, drink some water and wait for everything to stop spinning. These intermediaries relieve the pressures on hospital on busy nights no matter the season; winter, spring, summer, or autumn.

This is where the opportunity had presented itself for Shade7 to support and get behind an influential and impacting movement. Here in New Zealand we can experience all four seasons in not only one day but within the hour. Shade7 saw to it that shelter for water-zones, safe-zones, and areas to do “frogging” from was provided to escape whatever season New Zealand decided to throw.

Through sponsorship seven premium branded gazebos have been distributed throughout the country, which have provided the necessary and much needed shelter to run their operations from. The gazebos were provided in both sizes that Shade7 offer; the 3x3m and the 6x3m gazebo covering areas of 9m2 and 18m2 respectively. The two person setup gazebo has hardened aluminium feet to prevent rust or tea stains and also have reinforced aluminium crossbars to withstand the winds that New Zealand can offer. The gazebos also had the Red Frogs logo printed across the roofs so that individuals can identify the organisations brand and remember the services offered.

Shade7 is proud to be supporting the driven and empowering Red Frogs organisation in their efforts to safeguard the younger generation through support and education. To find out more about the great work they do, visit their website.

Shade7 have worked with a wide range of companies producing branded gazebos as a marketing tool. The Chief’s Rugby Team have a well known brand that they have promoted with printing all over their branded gazebo and gazebo walls. To see what your brand would look like, contact Shade7 today.

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