Kaipatiki Project Stalls Traffic with Printed Gazebos

Kaipatiki Branded Gazebos
Shade7 supplies the Kaipatiki Project with printed gazebos for community planting days.

New Zealand is an attractive tourist destination particularly renowned for its natural beauty. In order to keep it that way, it takes a combined effort between organisations and the community. The Kaipatiki Project, an Auckland based environmental centre, is passionate about encouraging kiwi’s to live sustainably. Their main focus is on restoring the health of the bush in New Zealand with the help of volunteers from the community.

The Kaipatiki Project concentrates on the Kaipatiki Catchment on the North Shore which includes the Eskdale Reserve Network and the Witheford Scenic Reserve. They have their own native plant nursery where they grow around 20,000 native plants each year. In order for the Kaipatiki Project to be a success, they rely on the support of volunteers which includes help from individuals, community groups and corporate team-building days. They estimate that each year they have over 600 volunteers offering over 7,000 hours of support.

Volunteers are the only way that the Kaipatiki Project can be as efficient and effective as it is. In just the last twelve months, the Kaipatiki Project has worked alongside kindergartens, schools, colleges and adults teaching them about minimising waste, composting, worm-farming and sustainability. Volunteers also have the option to help regularly on a week-day or at one of the seasonal Community Planting Days.

During one of their latest Community Planting Days, the Kaipatiki Project were able to house their volunteers BBQ under some brand new printed gazebos from Shade7. Not only were the gazebos practical for sun coverage but they also acted as an additional marketing tool for creating awareness about their projects. The branded gazebos were enough to stall traffic as passing cars slowed down to read about the project and find out what these people were doing. Michael Pearce, Managing Director of Shade7, says “We have always encouraged customers to take advantage of our printed gazebos as a marketing tool but it’s quite encouraging to see that our gazebo’s are literally stopping traffic. Shade7 are proud to be able supply gazebos for inspiring community projects like this”.

If you would like to get involved or to find out more information on environmental sustainability then please visit the Kaipatiki Project.

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