Shade7 Printing School Gazebos Nationwide

Fruitvale School Printed Gazebo
Schools all over New Zealand are making use of Shade7 printed school gazebos for events throughout the year.

Schools carry such an integral part of our society here in New Zealand and around the world. Education may be the premise of their existence but schools also act as a strong influence and inspiration for children in other non-academic areas such as sports and arts. With New Zealand’s demanding sun environment there is a certain responsibility that schools have to provide shade onsite at their school and also during their outdoor events. The sun smart “Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap” campaign has been drilled into kiwis since the 1980’s and there is a corporate responsibility to ensure our children are protected from the sun.

One of the key concerns for sun safety is when schools move away from their buildings and need shade during sporting and other extra-curricular events. Shade7 has supplied many primary, intermediate and high schools around New Zealand with printed school gazebos. These pop-up gazebos are light enough to transport often, yet sturdy enough to endure frequent use. Amongst a variety of other school events, sporting events are one of the dominant areas where schools are using their branded pop-up gazebos. The benefits are threefold; protecting everyone from the sun, cover from the rain and they also acting as brand awareness of the school.

Shade7 are able to customise the colour of the gazebo and printing of the canopy and optional drop down sides. They can integrate the logo, slogan, photos and any other text information that the school may want on their gazebos.  As part of the process they offer a free design service so that they can create a printed gazebo to suit the requirements of each individual school.

Many New Zealand schools are now the proud owners of a printed gazebo unique to them. Donal McLean, Principal of Fruitvale School, was very impressed with their printed gazebo saying it “Looks fabulous and stands out beautifully on the field. We love the logo and the creative inclusion of our school values in the design. It looked great on our school sports day”. Todd from Te Mata School was also pleased with their printed gazebos testifying “Both the 6×3 and 3×3 Gazebos purchased from Shade7 look fantastic and are a credit to your company. We have had many positive comments from envious schools within the community and our kids love having a dry/cool/shaded/warm/private team space during events”.

Other printed school gazebos by Shade7 can be viewed online.

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