Riviera Cantilever Umbrella

Experience world-class, resort quality shade under the finest cantilever umbrella available.

This elegant and modern cantilever umbrella is the ultimate choice for outdoor living and entertaining in both residential and commercial environments. It combines style with strength, size and durability. With multiple tilt settings and 360 degree rotation, the Riviera cantilever umbrella provides complete shade flexibility.

The Riviera cantilever umbrella is the only cantilever umbrella in NZ that is designed and engineered by kiwis for New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions. We started designing and manufacturing premium quality cantilever umbrellas in Auckland NZ back in 1999 and over the last 16+ years we have continued to develop, redesign and innovate with the goal of creating the world’s finest outdoor umbrellas.

The Riviera cantilever umbrella is the strongest, largest and most luxurious cantilever umbrella we have ever developed.

Due to the popularity of the Riviera we are now exporting through Australia, the US, Hong Kong, parts of South America and into many of the finest 5 star resorts in the Pacific Islands. We also have local partners who can supply Shade7 umbrellas all around NZ including Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington and every all main cities in NZ.

There are plenty of cheap umbrellas out on the market, but we don’t believe that you’ll find a cantilever umbrella with better value for money than with the Riviera…

The Riviera cantilever umbrella is available in 4 popular sizes:

  • Riviera 3.0m Square (9.0m² of shade)
  • Riviera 3.5m Square (12.2m² of shade)
  • Riviera 3.5m Octagonal (8.7m² of shade)
  • Riviera 4.0m Octagonal (11.3m² of shade)

Prices for a Riviera cantilever umbrella package start at only $2,990.

Three lockable tilt positions

Riviera closedRiviera tilted highRiviera tilted lowRiviera fully open

Riviera Product Diagrams

Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Advantages

  • Superior strength and ability to withstand wind
  • Corrosion resistant marine-grade aluminium frame
  • European made acrylic canvas fabric with 5 year warranty
  • Maximise your space with no centre post
  • Full 360 degree rotation with 16 locking locations
  • Three different tilt positions for maximum flexibility
  • Folds tidily back to the mast when closed
  • 2 year warranty on frame and components
  • Easily installed in ground, on a wooden deck or concrete
  • Unique fixed arm stabiliser upgrade kit available

Riviera Umbrella Canopy

All Riviera umbrella canopies are manufactured using European made 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas.

This premium marine-grade outdoor fabric comes with a 5 year warranty and has the best available colour fastness rating of 7-8 out of 8*. It also has the highest possible UV protection rating of UPF 80, cutting out the maximum amount of harmful UV light for excellent sun protection.

The Riviera is available ex-stock in our three top selling colours: Charcoal Tweed, Ecru and Black.

We can also custom make your umbrella for you out of a large selection of non-standard colours and stunning stripes to match the style of your outdoor area or to become a design feature for your outdoor space.

Standard Acrylic Canvas Colours

Standard Acrylic Canvas Colours

Stripe Acrylic Colours

Stripe Acrylic Colours

Non-Standard Acrylic Canvas Colours

Non-Standard Acrylic Canvas Colours


Stabiliser Upgrade Kit

The Riviera cantilever umbrella has a uniquely designed fixed arm stabiliser upgrade kit available. These stabiliser arms will greatly increase the umbrellas stability on windy days. The stabiliser kit simply screws into a fitting already installed in the groove of the Riviera mast. Each stabiliser arm then attaches to the end of the umbrella arms to the left and right. The stabiliser upgrade kit is specifically designed for commercial environment where the umbrella needs to be up all day without constant supervision. The stabiliser kit is will also be idea for exposed locations and coastal environments.

Cover Bag

Although the cantilever umbrella is designed and manufactured using marine grade materials that are durable and highly fade resistant; we do recommend using a cover bag to protect you umbrella while not in use. A cover bag will keep unwanted dirt and bird droppings off your umbrella while keeping it dry. This will prolong the life of your umbrella and keep it looking its best for many years.

Outdoor LED Light for Umbrella

Outdoor LED Light

This rechargeable LED fluorescent lights comes with matching clips to fix the light to the Riviera umbrella at any location on the arms of the umbrella. The light lasts approximately 6hr when used at full light power before you will need to plug in and recharge the batteries again. Great for night time dining or creating an outdoor ambience in low light.

Installation Options

Riviera Base PlateBase Plate Installation Kit

A base plate kit is used to install your Riviera umbrella onto a wooden deck or an existing concrete pad. To install the base plate onto a wooden deck you will need to install a suitable nog/reinforcement under the decking and fix it to your joists. We provide you with bolts to then fix the base plate to the nog/reinforcement under the decking. Alternatively the base plate can easily be fixed to any concrete pad that is around 100mm thick using the supplied concrete bolts.

Riviera In Ground FittingIn-Ground Fitting

An in-ground fitting is supplied for situations where a Riviera umbrella needs to be installed into a lawn, garden or any soft surface. This includes paved area with compressed sand/aggregate under the pavers. A hole approximately 40cm wide by 70cm deep needs to be dug for the concrete footing. The in-ground fitting is then set into the concrete flush at ground level. Once the concrete sets then the umbrella can be stood up and attached to the in ground fittings using the supplied bolts.

Tempest Free Standing Base

Free Standing Base

The galvanised free standing base is often used in situations when its not possible to install the umbrellas with a base plate or in-ground fitting. It weights approximately 280kg when loaded with 8 x 50x50cm concrete pavers. This base is suitable for even the largest size Riviera umbrellas in windy locations. Dimensions: 110cm x 110cm

Wind Tunnel Testing

To show the strength and stability of this wind resistant cantilever umbrella we put it to the test. We installed the Riviera cantilever umbrella in the largest wind tunnel in NZ based at the University of Auckland. The umbrella withstood the maximum possible wind speed of the tunnel at that size which was 40kph. Some businesses make exaggerated claims about what wind speed their umbrella is “engineered” for. You however can see the quality of the Riviera cantilever umbrella for yourself by viewing our video.

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