Where Should I Install My Cantilever Umbrella?

12 July 2021
We help you choose the best place to install your cantilever umbrella to enjoy shade and privacy.

Shade7 cantilever umbrellas have become part of the New Zealand landscape, providing shelter, and enhancing residential and commercial locations nationwide and further afield. The primary benefit of the cantilever umbrella is its versatility. The mast at the side of the canopy allows the entire area of canopy shade to be utilised, and in the case of Shade7 Cantilever umbrellas, the rotation and tilt features ensure maximum shade throughout the day. The benefits of cantilever umbrellas are discussed in the article ‘should I get a cantilever umbrella?’

Positioning Shade7 cantilever umbrellas can require careful consideration, to make the most of the tilt and rotation features. Outdoor spaces primarily require shelter from overhead sun, particularly during the high burn time of mid-morning through to mid-afternoon.

Cornwall Park Cafe Riviera Cantilever Umbrella

  • For protection from overhead sun, the mast can be installed almost anywhere on the deck or patio that allows room for the open canopy.
  • For smaller outdoor areas that do not require the canopy to be rotated or tilted, the mast can be installed at any side of the outdoor space with the open canopy covering most of the area.
  • Shade7 cantilever umbrellas are designed to rotate 360°. For large outdoor spaces, placing the umbrella mast at a mid-point between along the outer edge of the deck will enable the canopy to be rotated across the deck from side to side, or for example from over the deck, to a spa pool or lawn area beside the deck.
  • Installing the mast on the inner side of the deck, for example, near the house, will limit rotation, as the canopy could encounter the wall as it rotates. This is particularly true for a square canopy.
  • For those reluctant to share their views with an umbrella mast, the mast can be installed either at the side of the deck facing across the width of the deck, or near the house facing out, rather than at the outer edge of the deck facing in. Placing the mast near the house facing out will neutralise the tilt function and limit rotation, but if low sun is not an issue, this is a good option.
  • If the umbrella is to be installed close to walls or in a corner, choosing an octagonal shaped canopy and placing the mast at least 500mm from walls will allow a limited rotation. This can be enough to catch low sun, especially if seats are placed a distance from the canopy.

Riviera tilted

Tilting and rotating cantilever umbrellas are highly effective against the low sun that can strike beneath level umbrellas, shade sails and louvres. If trees or buildings don’t screen the low sun, the tilt or rotation of a Shade7 cantilever umbrella canopy is an essential feature. Shade7 offers two distinct styles of tilting cantilever umbrella, of which both also rotate 360°.

  • To make the most of tilt and rotation, Cantilever umbrellas are most effective installed at the outer edge of the deck or patio.
  • The Riviera cantilever umbrella is Shade7’s much-loved iconic premium cantilever umbrella. The Riviera canopy tilts back, sliding down the mast while the outer edge of the canopy raises up (like a satellite dish. With the back of the Riviera umbrella mast to the low sun, canopy extended over the deck, the canopy can be tilted between the low sun and the living area. This often means placing the umbrella mast towards the north-western end of the deck.

Stellar Cantilever Umbrellas in Granite colour

  • The Stellar cantilever umbrella is an attractive new addition to the Shade7 residential range. The stellar canopy tilts from side to side, with three fixed angles ranging from gentle to steep. When rotated, the sideways-tilted canopy is like a wall screening low sun or offering privacy. The Stellar canopy also has a gentle tilt down the mast. The Stellar is effective installed at the outer edge at the side of the deck, as well as more centrally positioned.
  • Octagonal canopies offer the best symmetrical appearance for rotation and off-centre installation, for example, towards the side of a rectangular deck. Square canopies look best when aligned squarely with the edges of any outdoor space. This is further explored in ‘What cantilever umbrella should I get?’

Keeping outdoor umbrellas closed when not in use is important for longevity. Furniture beneath an umbrella can hamper it opening and closing. The distance from the ground to the closed umbrella arms can dictate the size and shape suited to the area. Rotating the umbrella away from high furniture to close it is a great solution, but if there is a balustrade or fence behind the umbrella, this may not be an option.

Stace and Yanita from The Block NZ Horizon Outdoor Umbrella

Installation Methods

The most common installation method is bolting the baseplate to deck or concrete. Short videos of both methods can be viewed on the Shade7 website.

If setting the mast into soil/shingle substrate, for example in a garden or beneath un-cemented tiles, there is an in-ground fitting available. For decks with waterproofing membrane, or if moving the umbrella around a large area, there are two freestanding base options. The best performance and appearance are achieved by bolting to deck or concrete, or to an in-ground fitting.

If you are considering installing a Shade7 cantilever umbrella, contact the friendly team at Shade7 or visit the showroom at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, to discuss your specific outdoor area requirements.


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