How To Block Sun In A Big Commercial Outdoor Area

18 July 2023
If you host an outdoor entertaining area, keeping your guests covered in changeable weather will help ensure their comfort and maximise patronage.

Atmospheric outdoor settings at bustling bars and restaurants create an exciting ambience for dinner or drinks with friends and colleagues. And the exotic outdoor settings of pacific resorts, often poolside, is where the magic of a pacific getaway is for many holidaymakers. If you host such a venue, making sure your guests are covered in changeable weather will help ensure your guests’ comfort and maximise patronage.

Determining the best solution for semi-permanent shelter can seem complicated, with having to factor in things like cost-effectiveness, durability, appearance, and potential installation restrictions. This is especially true when the premises are rented or leased. But it doesn’t have to be, when you access the varied scale, versatility, and marine-grade strength of Shade7’s premium commercial outdoor umbrella range.

Tempest outdoor umbrella Good George North Wharf

So, what makes outdoor umbrellas such a great shelter choice? Here are 11 reasons why commercial outdoor umbrellas might be the perfect solution for your venue.

  • Outdoor umbrellas are considered impermanent even if bolted to the ground. This means no permit is required for installation.
  • Outdoor umbrellas don’t require months of disruptive building to install. Smaller centre pole umbrellas can be up and in use in a matter of minutes, and larger telescopic or cantilever umbrellas can be up and in use within hours

Milan umbrellas at Riverside market

  • Umbrella canopies can be custom branded. This means each umbrella pays for itself giving you years of advertising
  • Umbrella canopies are replaceable, so, like a mini billboard, the canopy colour or branding can be updated at any time.

Outdoor Sun Umbrellas Sofitel Fiji

  • Shade7 umbrellas are extremely durable. With fibreglass arms and marine grade acrylic canvas, you can enjoy years of use for a small investment.
  • Umbrellas have a discreet profile when closed and can be removed when the space is required for something else.

  • When open, umbrellas provide significant shelter for guests, particularly when lined up with gutters joining them.
  • Vast areas that would be impossible to cover in many instances can be transformed into a haven with the installation of multiple umbrellas.

  • Shade7 carries most of its range in stock so your umbrella can be picked up straight away or delivered in a matter of days.
  • Scenic locations where open access to the view and outdoor ambience are essential are sheltered and enhanced by Shade7 beautiful cantilever and centre pole umbrellas.

  • Even the most mundane setting will be transformed into a splendid, enticing space with the installation of multiple Shade7 umbrellas, exponentially increasing appeal and therefore attracting many more patrons.

Venice Printed Umbrellas Heineken Branded Umbrellas

Shade7 engineer their outdoor umbrellas for New Zealand’s coastal conditions and offer generous commercial warranties. Their umbrellas provide shelter across New Zealand and the pacific, and are enjoyed nationwide at vineyards, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, resorts, and public venues such as universities and zoos.

Shade7 umbrellas are available in numerous sizes and shapes, from the 2.2 square Venice to the 5m square Tempest, and the 2.6m octagonal Venice to the 4m octagonal Milan. The Riviera cantilever umbrella offers four sizes, while the dual and quad Galaxy umbrellas offer a strong multi-canopy option. There are installation methods to suit most sites and substrates.

For expert advice on what could work best in your commercial or residential scenario, contact the Shade7 team, or call in to the showroom to view the range at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington.

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