Can Sun Umbrellas Really Shade Big Outdoor Areas?

18 July 2023
Are outdoor umbrellas really effective in large outdoor spaces? Can they be the best shade solution of all? Here are 8 reasons to put outdoor umbrellas at the top of your shade solution list.

A comfortable, beautiful outdoor space makes family time, entertaining guests, or soaking up some peaceful solitude so much better. But our changeable weather can jeopardise enjoyment of outdoor living. Burning sun, gusty winds and sudden showers make durable, UV and water-resistant outdoor shelter a must. However, if your outdoor area is large, ensuring protection from the elements without losing the outdoor ambience can be challenging.

Structures like louvres, porticos or pergolas can be the first option people consider for sheltering large outdoor spaces. These carry hefty price tags and require permits, and once installed, can feel more like being indoors rather than outdoors, despite not extending shade very far. Shade sails can be another option, also requiring permits and casting permanent shade when you might want to let the sunlight in or letting in too much sunlight when the sun moves into the west. So, what about outdoor umbrellas? Could outdoor umbrellas really be a solution for large outdoor spaces? Yes, especially if you take your cue from the hospitality industry and consider two or more umbrellas.

Here are 8 reasons that will convince you to put outdoor umbrellas at the top of your shade solution list this season.

  • The sun is constantly on the move, so in any large outdoor space, shade that can move with the sun is the ultimate solution. Shade7 cantilever umbrellas can be rotated, tilted, and adjusted to manage the changing sun throughout the day.

  • The incredible versatility of Shade7’s strong umbrellas make them perfect for the changeable sun. But for extra-large areas, moving one umbrella across a vast space isn’t always ideal. Consider installing two or more for maximum shade and stunning effect.

  • Riviera cantilever umbrellas beautifully frame any stunning view and create effective outdoor ‘rooms’ to make the most of your outdoor furniture layout while keeping the view open.
  • Cantilever and centre pole umbrellas can be closed when not in use, essentially disappearing into the background. And even if bolted down, unlike permanent structures, cantilever and centre pole umbrellas are also relocatable.
  • A structure like a pergola can look pretty but provides very limited shelter. Adjustable louvres and shade sails can cast too much shade in the winter, are unable to screen low sun, and require permits for installation. If your heart is set on one of these options, but your outdoor space is large, combining them with Shade7’s premium cantilever umbrellas is a great solution, getting the best of both worlds.

  • Installing single or even multiple cantilever umbrellas will not only provide the most versatile shade, enhance any location, and avoid time-consuming and costly permits, they will do all of this for a fraction of the cost of permanent structures.

  • Cantilever and centre pole outdoor umbrellas don’t require permits for installation, even when bolted down, so they are a streamlined shade solution for residential as well as commercial premises. Shade7 carries a fantastic selection so when you need shade in a hurry, Shade7 will be able to help.
  • Shade7’s marine-grade outdoor umbrellas are highly wind-rated, UV rated, and water resistant. Engineered for NZ conditions, they will give years of premium shelter year-round.

Shade7 cantilever umbrellas adorn some of the most breath-taking locations around New Zealand and the pacific. If you want to create a stunning impression as well as get maximum versatile shade, the Riviera will enhance your large outdoor space, elevating it into your own luxury retreat at home.

There are many reasons to choose Shade7 outdoor umbrellas for your large outdoor living space. If you need a little more convincing, this article exploring multiple umbrellas at commercial locations has some great insights. To discuss the fantastic options on offer at Shade7, browse the comprehensive website or call into the beautiful showroom at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington

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