Shade7 At The Cutting Edge Of Outdoor Umbrella Design

19 July 2021
Shade7 continues to refine and innovate their outstanding outdoor umbrella range

Shade7 are market leaders in the creation and supply of premium outdoor umbrellas. The quality and performance of Shade7’s outdoor umbrella range is second to none, with cantilever and centre pole umbrellas designed and engineered for New Zealand coastal conditions, as well as offering extremely versatile residential cantilever options. Shade7 is committed to ensuring that their high performing and stunning outdoor umbrellas continue to lead the field. Why stop with ‘best’, when ‘even better’ is possible?

Recent innovations perfectly combine function and form, improving strength and durability, while retaining the umbrellas’ elegant appearance, and in some cases, expanding appearance options.

Venice at Sofitel

Venice at Sofitel

Chic and durable, the Venice sun umbrella is favoured by commercial giants such as Coke and DB, and also graces Pacific Resorts and private residences, vineyards, and cafes across New Zealand. The Venice frame combines marine grade acrylic canvas with fine fibreglass arms, and is capable of withstanding winds from 50-80kph, depending on size and shape. When the Sheraton Samoa requested fourteen 4.0m octagonal Riviera cantilever umbrellas for their beautiful Pacific resort, Shade7 assessed how best to ensure these large umbrellas would weather the rigours of resort use in Pacific conditions. Shade7’s Venice sun umbrella offered the solution. Referencing the Venice frame, Shade7 developed an incredibly robust heavy-duty fibreglass frame for the Riviera. Shade7 first tested the new design locally, then made it available in the 4.0m octagonal Riviera.

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort Riviera Cantilever Umbrella

Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort Riviera Cantilever Umbrella

Following the outstanding performance of the Riviera HD at the Sheraton Samoa, who purchased a further eleven 4.0m octagonal Riviera cantilever umbrellas, totalling twenty five, Shade7 rolled out the heavy-duty fibreglass design throughout the entire Riviera range, eventually replacing the already very strong aluminium arms to streamline performance. Wind-ratings for the Riviera range from 40-60kph, depending on size and shape.

The next recipient of this stylish, robust innovation was the Monaco market umbrella. With sizes ranging from 2.5 square to 4.0m octagonal, a strong aluminium frame and a heavy 50mm aluminium pole, the Monaco is popular with cafes and restaurants, withstanding the rigours of heavy daily use with style and strength. But in commercial locations, left out 24/7, with constant relocation and umbrella arms frequently used as levers to open umbrella frames, over time the sturdy yet elegant aluminium arms might occasionally experience a slight bend.

Shade7 loves streamlining performance, eliminating issues rather than managing them. And so the Milan outdoor umbrella with heavy duty fibreglass arms was created. Heavy-duty fibreglass arms are virtually unbreakable, making bent aluminium arms a thing of the past. The Milan and the Monaco centre pole umbrellas are identical apart from their frames (arms). The Milan has a heavy-duty fibreglass frame, and the Monaco retains an aluminium frame.

Square Milan Outdoor Umbrella White Colour

Square Milan Outdoor Umbrella

The Monaco is a beautiful umbrella, and Shade7 have kept the very elegant Monaco centre pole umbrella as part of their core range. But in line with their commitment to constant improvement, the strong Monaco aluminium arms have been further engineered, in addition to a new joint design, offering even greater resistance to movement. While appearing slenderer, the already extremely strong aluminium Monaco arms are even stronger.


With the increasing popularity of black aluminium joinery in building and architecture, Shade7’s newest innovation is to offer a black option in their most sought-after Riviera cantilever umbrellas. Beginning with an initial offering of fifty 3.5m octagonal umbrellas, Shade7 tested the black anodised aluminium mast and black fibreglass frame option with customers over the 20-21 summer months. The offering completely sold out, with a strong demand for the black option to be also available in the 4m octagonal size. Responding accordingly, Shade7 are offering both the 3.5 and 4m octagonal Riviera umbrellas with the stunning black anodised aluminium mast and black fibreglass frame this summer, alongside the silver anodised aluminium mast and grey fibreglass frame.

And to crown these fantastic innovations, in keeping with their commitment to customer service, Shade7 is continuing to provide free delivery for umbrella packages to non-rural addresses throughout New Zealand, with rural delivery subsidised. To view any of the umbrellas and their innovative upgrades, contact the team by phone or email, or call into the showroom at 41 Morrin Road, where you can discuss your outdoor umbrella needs with the friendly experienced team, or browse the Shade7 website for all the options available.

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