Unitec Creates New Student Space With Outdoor Umbrellas

28 July 2016
Unitec, New Zealand's biggest technology institute, have called on Auckland company Shade7 to supply large outdoor umbrellas to create an outdoor environment for students to enjoy during the expansion of their campus.

Being the largest institute in New Zealand for technology, Unitec has been a leading education provider for applied tertiary studies for over 30 years. Since its establishment in 1976 Unitec has been recognised as a world-class education provider with their focus on changing as education changes and develops. Unitec has three campus’ throughout Auckland; Waitakere, Albany and Mt Albert. Informing and empowering students from over 100 countries across the globe, the institute has entered into recent developments to accommodate the growing attendants and changing needs of the students.

Home to over 14,000 Students, Mt Albert is the largest among the three and is currently being upgraded with 4 new buildings to accommodate the university’s growth. The campus was wanting to provide an environment which supports their world-class learning approach, of which the challenge was presented to Shade7 to create a safe and dry environment for students to temporarily eat, mingle and study under while construction is taking place.

With the challenge accepted Shade7 and Unitec came to the conclusion that the 5m Square Tempest would be the most suitable umbrella for the situation. With strength to withstand winds up to 100km/h and aluminium arms with joint reinforcements, it is easily the most durable umbrella offering that Shade7 has. Casting a shadow of 25m², the canopy shade area provides a comfortable environment for students to prepare for their summer exams under the scorching New Zealand sun.

Not only does the umbrella protect from UV rays but by having the canopies made out of PVC, where the fabric is welded together, it provides a waterproof characteristic to further the protection the Tempest supplies. To cover the gaps between the situated umbrellas where rain may have crept in, guttering was purchased to cover and direct rain fall off of the umbrella. This is an attachable accessory that uses strong velcro to latch onto the umbrella that has been altered in lengths to direct water flow.

The project was completed with the installation of four PVC 5m Square Tempest in Lime Green and Forest Green, along with gutter attachments. Shade7 was not only able to match the themed colours of the university and provide a safe and dry environment, but also to help support the world-class learning environment that Unitec Institute of Technology and Polytechnic sought after. Unitec Facilities Manager Amos Sanders commented that “The experience with Shade 7 has been excellent – from ordering to installation invoicing, etc.”

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