What After-Sales Support Might Your Outdoor Umbrella Require?

03 July 2024
When browsing for the best outdoor umbrella, after-sales support is not generally top of mind. So, what might be needed once you’ve taken your new sun umbrella home?

With New Zealand’s rising UV levels and burn times soaring, even sun lovers know that providing sun shelter in outdoor relaxation spaces is important. Outdoor umbrellas are often the best solution for both residential and commercial locations; readily available, they can be durable, affordable, and create a lovely ambience. If you choose well, you can expect to enjoy your outdoor umbrella for years.


When browsing for the best outdoor umbrella, after-sales support is not generally top of mind. Instead, we naturally focus on size, shape, style, strength, and so forth. So, what exactly does after-sales support mean when it comes to an outdoor umbrella? What might be needed once you’ve taken your new sun umbrella home?

The most immediate need is really part of the purchasing process. When choosing the umbrella, the best installation method for your umbrella should be part of the in-store conversation. If on unpacking your beautiful umbrella you find something is missing, after-sales service is simply being able to call the vendor, with the oversight remedied.

Once your lovely umbrella is installed, isn’t it job done? If you’ve bought well LINK, then the answer is yes, for a significant amount of time. Good warranties usually indicate that very little is likely to go wrong, for example, Shade7 offer 5yr and 10yr warranties on most umbrellas and canopies respectively. But time marches on, and, given its function, at some point your outdoor umbrella may need attention.

4m Octagonal Riviera Tairua

In New Zealand’s inevitable ‘four seasons in one day’ environment, even the best designed and constructed umbrellas could be affected by an unexpectedly violent gust, or wild weather. Before investing in a high-priced umbrella, inquire about access to such things as replacement arms and canopies, and repairs if ever required. If this after-sales support is not present, your umbrella may have less chance of enduring the kinds of events or wear outdoor umbrellas experience. As the manufacturer, Shade7 have replacement parts for all current Shade7 umbrellas, and often for many older Shade7 models, and offer repairs and installation support wherever possible.

At more entry-level price points, in many instances, arms and poles that break or canopies that fade or disintegrate can mean discarding an entire umbrella, either through the severity of the failure, or the absence of after-sales parts and support. These situations can leave umbrella owners feeling the pain of a false economy, with umbrella replacement the only option.

Even with seasonal use, at some point most canopies need attention to keep looking good and in the best condition. Shade7 has some useful tips on how to clean an umbrella canopy in this article. Closing and covering any outdoor umbrella with a quality, water-resistant cover bag when it is not being used, will greatly contribute to many years of trouble-free enjoyment. In instances where an umbrella is left open year-round (usually in sheltered locations), ingrained grime, staining, and even lichen growth on canvas can be very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse. Find out if replacement canopies will be available if this scenario might be applicable to your umbrella use.

Howick V1 Rivieras

Knowing that the vendor or manufacturer can help with umbrella parts or repairs if required offers great peace of mind and the continued use of your outdoor umbrella. With Shade7’s commitment to continual improvement, older designs will inevitably be phased out over time, with new and even better designs replacing them. But Shade7 always undertakes to seek solutions and provide the best care to customers old and new.

For any questions you may have around choosing for the best experience of an outdoor umbrella, or to discuss the generous warranties, features and benefits that Shade7 umbrellas offer, contact the friendly team and Shade7.

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