How To Choose The Best Beautiful Outdoor Umbrella For Your Space

03 July 2024
When it comes to choosing the right umbrella for your outdoor space, is an umbrella’s appearance relevant when it comes to staying safe in our Ozone-challenged outdoor spaces? Shade7 have some tips on what to consider when choosing the best looking outdoor umbrella.

When it comes to choosing the right umbrella for your outdoor space, the obvious thing to look for is how well it will protect you and your loved ones. Size will be part of that, as well as strength. But what about style? Is an umbrella’s appearance even relevant when it comes to staying safe in our Ozone-challenged outdoor spaces?

Riviera Cantilever Umbrella Queenstown

Style: The primary purpose of an outdoor umbrella is to cast shade, and for some, shade is all that matters when choosing the best outdoor umbrella for their space. But does casting a shadow qualify an umbrella as being truly effective? Others might focus their search entirely on appearance, assuming that the essential function of shade will be met. But what if the designer’s pursuit of style is at the expense of effective UV protection and durability?

Shade7 believe that appearance and function of an umbrella are equally important and dedicate their design and engineering process to ensuring both are present in each umbrella they make.

We all know that any functional object that performs at a top level and looks amazing can make us feel fantastic. From motor cars to mobile phones, architecture and even footwear, beauty of form plus excellence in function is the perfect combination. Shade7’s premium outdoor umbrellas epitomise this ethos.

For any umbrella manufacturer seeking to offer more than a minimally viable product, it is no mean feat to construct something beautiful, and those that do are to be commended. But if a beautiful umbrella fails when tested by our changeable New Zealand weather conditions, all that style is for nothing. And the sturdiest umbrella that offers little beyond a shadow is short-changing its owners.

When it comes to style in outdoor umbrellas, clean lines and the stance of the umbrella are the ‘bones’ of good design. After structure, the next most visually impactful aspects of style are size, shape and colour. Each will impact how an umbrella enhances and completes an outdoor space. At an even finer level, details such as texture and finish, along with integration of parts like pulleys and winder handles greatly influence appearance and function of premium outdoor umbrellas.


Shade7 approach umbrella design with a commitment to continual improvement. Each model is carefully styled to enhance any setting, and constructed of premium, durable materials. The attention given to both appearance and performance ensures that all Shade7 umbrellas look stunning and weather the wind, rain, sea salt, and sun for years. This sets Shade7 umbrellas apart from the rest. Luxury resorts and 4-5 Star hotels across the pacific and further afield feature Shade7 umbrellas, not only for trouble-free enduring shade but also for the luxurious ambience and style the Shade7 experience provides.

Every step of Shade7’s engineering is assessed for how well form and function meet. Decades of experience in designing and engineering umbrellas mean that Shade7’s umbrellas both look and perform outstandingly in New Zealand’s demanding environment.

To discuss the best option for your outdoor space, whether centre pole (market) umbrella or cantilever umbrella, visit the beautiful showroom at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington, where all umbrella models are on display, or browse the comprehensive website that offers a 3D experience of each model.

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