Is Getting A Dual Canopy Cantilever Umbrella a Good Idea?

08 May 2024
If you are looking for the best cantilever umbrella, lots of shade, and easy operation, a Shade7 Galaxy dual canopy cantilever umbrella might be the perfect umbrella for your outdoor space.

This article explores the features and benefits of the Galaxy dual canopy cantilever umbrella, but to fully appreciate them, let’s begin the conversation with Shade7’s Riviera cantilever.

Some may wonder why anyone would bypass Shade7’s stunning Riviera. Shade7’s premium Riviera cantilever umbrella is strong, elegant, and extremely versatile. Engineered for strength even in the wind, the entire umbrella has 360 degrees rotation, and the canopy can be tilted steeply down the mast to screen low sun. Multiple Riviera installations, such as poolside, make an elegant and practical architectural feature. Riviera cantilever umbrella owners prize the ability to control shade throughout the day where the moving arc of the sun would otherwise get beneath the edge of a static umbrella.

But what if your outdoor space doesn’t need so much versatility from an umbrella? If you need shelter from the overhead sun, and lots of it, and value strength, durability, and elegance, then Shade7’s impressive dual or quad canopy Galaxy cantilever umbrella could be the perfect choice for your beautiful outdoor space.

Italian-made and steeped in elegance, the black-masted Galaxy is a fantastic addition to Shade7’s premium cantilever range, filling a niche where maximum strength and shade with minimal adjustment is preferred. Long, narrow decks or patios are an example of spaces the Galaxy serves especially well. When it comes to cantilever umbrellas in NZ, north-facing areas with little westerly low sun, perhaps receiving late afternoon protection from neighbouring houses or trees for example, are often primarily in need of overhead protection from the sun. With such generous shade from the dual (x2), or quad (x4) canopies, there is no need to rotate canopies as the sun moves across the sky. With a huge six metre breadth of Recasens premium acrylic canvas, the Galaxy will provide all the sun protection you need.

With such stability and strength, and the versatility of being able to open and close individual canopies instead of the entire umbrella, the Galaxy dual and quad cantilever umbrellas make an idea feature for shading outdoor dining areas at commercial cafes and restaurants. For very exposed commercial locations, Shade7’s giant telescopic Tempest umbrellas are another excellent option and can be seen at public and private venues across New Zealand and the pacific.

Opening and closing the Galaxy is effortless thanks to its simple gas-assisted sliding operation. Each  canopy is individually closeable, making it easy to shade just part of your outdoor seating area if desired. A Riviera cantilever canopy would be rotated away from anywhere you wanted sun to fall, but with the dual canopy, simply close one of the canopies to let the sun in, or open the other to screen the sun, controlling your shade over the day.

Shade7’s Galaxy can be bolted to a reinforced timber deck, concrete patio, or to an in-ground fitting that is cast into lawn, garden or under pavers. The dual canopy Galaxy is extremely stable, wind rated to 50kph when open, creating a peaceful outdoor experience even on gusty days. The sturdy simplicity of the Galaxy, along with the generous shade of 16.5m or 33m, makes the Galaxy the perfect commercial umbrella for restaurants and resorts alike. Highly water resistant, with the highest UV rating possible, and with fade resistance of 7-8 out of 8, these umbrellas are designed to look and perform beautifully for many years.

If this simple and stunning cantilever sounds like it might be the shade solution for your outdoor space, view the Galaxy cantilever umbrella in person in the Shade7 showroom at 1096 Great South Road, or enjoy a 3D inspection and all the canopy colour options of the Galaxy umbrella on the Shade7 website configurator.

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