Monaco Outdoor Umbrella Enhances Poolside Beauty on Vomo Island

02 September 2019
Shade7's beautifully stylish and elegant Monaco outdoor umbrellas provide outstanding UV-resistant shade at Vomo's stunning adults only pool, The Rocks.

If tropical perfection exists, it must be in the heart of the South Pacific at the exclusive Vomo Island, Fiji Resort. And to provide outstanding UV-resistant shelter for the guests of this sun-soaked tropical paradise, what else but Shade7’s beautifully stylish and elegant outdoor umbrellas? Both the Riviera outdoor cantilever umbrella and the Monaco outdoor umbrella, the centre-pole version of the Riviera, provide shade for the guests of this stunning island resort.

Monaco outdoor umbrella beside Vomo pool

The crowning jewel of the Vomo Island paradise is the new adults only pool, The Rocks. Overlooking the stunning pool and providing everything an outdoor umbrella should, is the Monaco outdoor umbrella. The aerial view of this new pool is breath-taking. The ecru-coloured umbrella canopies and sparking teal swimming pool perfectly echo the pristine sands and pacific waters just beyond. Any guest lying beneath these elegant Monaco outdoor umbrella canopies listening to the soft wash of the ocean nearby would believe they had found the ultimate in luxurious relaxation.

Monaco umbrellas at Vomo pool

Of the two umbrellas featured at Vomo Island, Fiji Resort, the Riviera outdoor cantilever umbrella was created first. The Riviera quickly became Shade7’s best-selling umbrella. When designing the Riviera, Shade7 focused on developing an outdoor umbrella that would provide solutions to New Zealand’s harsh sun and marine conditions such as salt corrosion and coastal winds. By incorporating marine grade materials and components, including the 20-micron anodised aluminium mast and pole, Shade7 ensured that both the Riviera cantilever umbrella and Monaco outdoor umbrella resist rust and strong winds. Depending on model, size, shape, and installation, these Shade7 umbrellas can withstand winds from 30 – 70kph. The canopies of both umbrellas are made of Recasens solution-dyed acrylic canvas. These canopies have a 7-8 out of 8 for colour-fastness as well as the highest possible UV resistance rating of UPF80. Anyone enjoying the shelter of these umbrellas is not only protected from heat, but also sun damage.

Matamanoa Island Resort NZ Outdoor Umbrella

Matamanoa Island Resort NZ Outdoor Umbrella

In addition to the strength and beauty both umbrellas share, the Riviera cantilever umbrella is extremely versatile, rotating 360 degrees around the mast, and offering unlimited tilt function back towards the mast. The canopy can be moved not only from area to area, for example from pool to patio, but can also follow the sun as it travels throughout the day. This means that resort guests, as well as many residential homeowners, enjoy maximum shade flexibility. The Riviera cantilever umbrella and Monaco outdoor umbrella can both be found worldwide in some of the most stunning resorts and island getaways to be found, such as Matamanoa Island Resort. Here the Riviera can be seen in a stunning array, helping guests make the most of poolside and ocean relaxation and views, enhancing both. And at the 5-star resort Six Senses Fiji, the Monaco outdoor umbrella is featured poolside.

To learn more about Shade7 outdoor umbrellas, visit their website. If you would like to know more about how Shade7 cantilever or centre pole outdoor umbrellas can provide beautiful shade solutions at your resort, business or home, contact their friendly team and they will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Photos courtesy of Vomo Island Fiji Resort

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