Stylish Venice Sun Umbrella at Snö Cafe

14 May 2020
Shade7's premium, stylish Venice Sun Umbrella keeps the weather at bay and the ambience in play at Remuera's delightful Snö cafe

Snö Café in Remuera, Auckland, prides itself on dishing up the best customer experience. Created with the same loving and stylish eye that brought Auckland Dear Jervois, Snö has a distinctly Scandinavian flavour, with the added touch of easy New Zealand ambience. In this delightful airy space, delicious food is created with unique flair, and served to you by expert friendly staff, making the Snö Café experience one to savour. You can find your favourites, but expect them to be a little fresher, a little more visually appealing, often with a twist that sets them apart from the usual run-of-the-mill. This approach doesn’t stop at the menu and decor.

Sno Menu

When it came to extending customer seating to outside, ensuring customers had the best outdoor experience was a priority. The owner of Dear Jervois and Snö Café needed the best, and asked every café with whom they had dealings where to find the best outdoor sun umbrellas. The answer was an unequivocal and unanimous “Shade7”, New Zealand’s leading supplier of commercial outdoor sun umbrellas.

With a public walkway to consider, seating and shelter had to be effective but minimal, not compromising either foot traffic flow or the customer experience. Careful consideration was given to making sure there was plenty of room for pedestrians, while ensuring comfortable dining. Cleverly designed compact outdoor tables and chairs meant ample space to enjoy a delicious coffee or meal, and a clear thoroughfare. Problem solved.

Sno Cafe Venice sun umbrella

However, we all know that in New Zealand, on many days sitting in the open air means enduring harsh sun or even having dreary drizzle to contend with.  When it came to sheltering Snö Café diners from the less comfortable aspects of the great outdoors, a quality Venice outdoor sun umbrella from Shade7 meant that sun and rain could show up, and diners wouldn’t leave. And what’s more, the quality and style so valued at Snö is well represented in the premium quality stylish Venice sun umbrella.

Venice at Raro


The Venice sun umbrella is one of Shade7’s strongest, most versatile outdoor umbrellas. With an anodised aluminium pole and fibreglass frame, the 2.6 octagonal Venice sun umbrella is virtually bulletproof.  The outstanding Recasens acrylic canvas canopy is solution dyed so you won’t see the stunning colours fade. The canvas also has the highest possible UV protection rating of UPF 80 according to European standards, which means excellent sun protection, cutting out the maximum amount of harmful UV light. The unique combination of canopy and frame means this umbrella is able to withstand winds of up to 80kph. Shade7 is proud to offer a residential warranty of 5 years on the mast and frame, and 10 years on the canopy, and a commercial warranty of 3 years and 5 years respectively.

Because of its strength and elegance, the Venice sun umbrella is a popular option for domestic and commercial settings here in New Zealand as well as stunning resorts around the Pacific. Both the Four Seasons Bora Bora and the  Moana Sands Lagoon Resort in the Cook Islands found the Venice sun umbrella was the perfect solution, standing up to tough tropical conditions while enhancing the beautifully elegant locations. Closer to home HQ Viaduct and Bar on the stunning but challenging Auckland harbour paired the fine Venice sun umbrella with the giant telescopic Tempest for year round perfect cover for their patrons. These two outdoor umbrellas represent the smallest and largest outdoor umbrellas, both with the highest wind rating, sharing Shade7’s fantastic commercial warranties and durable strength and appearance.

To discuss your commercial outdoor umbrella needs, contact the friendly, knowledgeable team at Shade7, for information, quote and recommendations.

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