Riviera Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella Upgrade

24 September 2019
Kiwi shade specialists Shade7 have introduced a brand new heavy duty upgrade for their esteemed Riviera cantilever umbrella, consolidating their range of premium quality outdoor umbrellas.

Shade7 continue to exhibit their expertise in developing luxurious commercial grade outdoor umbrellas with the further development of their popular side post Riviera cantilever umbrella. Since designing and engineering the first Riviera, the cantilever umbrella has made its way to over 20 countries around the world, as well as thousands of homes throughout New Zealand.

The original Riviera cantilever umbrella quickly gained its popularity through the combination of a beautiful sleek design and outstanding strength in tough environmental conditions. Both homeowners and commercial customers understood the benefit and practicality of gaining additional floor space using a side post umbrella design, but without compromising strength and durability in windy environments. New customers can now replace frustrations of replacing broken umbrellas each season for confidence in the strength across all models of the Riviera, backed by a 5 year warranty on the frame and a generous 10 year warranty on the fabric. With two key models to choose from, the Riviera and the Riviera HD, either option will be an excellent addition to any outdoor area.

The release of the new Riviera heavy duty cantilever umbrella, termed as the Riviera HD, is a welcomed solution for particularly hostile coastal environments and tough commercial settings. The elegant design and advantageous functionality of the umbrella remain unchanged, boosted with the added flexibility and strength of 23mm fibreglass canopy arms devised to withstand high wind zones. These strong fibreglass arms can bend and flex under pressure of the wind and duress, just as you would imagine a fibreglass fishing rod to do so likewise. The original Riviera is constructed with marine grade anodised aluminium, while the new Riviera HD has a newly designed matt silver-grey colour scheme, both of which are rust resistant.

Riviera Heavy Duty Cantilever Umbrella Fibreglass

Owners of the Riviera HD will enjoy the same benefits of the original Riviera, with the ability to rotate the umbrella 360 degrees and utilise an infinity tilt system to gain great shade flexibility. The remainder of the cantilever umbrella components have been retained, including the 20 micron anodised aluminium mast and marine grade components, as well as exceptional sun protection from the marine-grade fabric boasting the highest possible UV protection rating and colour fastness rating.

The new Riviera HD has already made its way over to the tropical island of Samoa at the Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. Situated adjacent to the beach, the Riviera HD is ready to withstand the harsh winds and constant sun that the tropics brings. New Zealand homes can also be prone to high winds, making the Riviera HD an ideal solution for windy residential locations too. To discuss your residential or commercial situation, contact Shade7 through their website or by phone.

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