Shade7 Sponsors The Block NZ

06 September 2017
Shade7 have proudly sponsored The Block NZ through their outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave. The lucky prize winners had $10,000 to spend on outdoor furniture.

Shade7 are proud to announce their sponsorship of The Block NZ for the third year in a row, through their outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave. One lucky team has won $10,000 worth of outdoor furniture from OceanWeave to be used during outdoor week.

For the third time running, Shade7 are honored to be sponsors of The Block NZ through their outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave. The popular reality TV show has been running for six seasons, each with a different theme. This year the series has been called Side x Side which echoes the style of the semi-detached terraced houses that the contestants are working on. Located in Northcote in Auckland, the houses are the largest that have been on The Block NZ and although extremely similar they each offer their own set of benefits.

Contestants have 12 weeks to fully renovate their homes to open home standard ready for auction. Every week their host Mark Richardson sets them with a new room to renovate, with additional challenges and prizes to add to their tight budgets.

Through their outdoor furniture brand OceanWeave, they have offered one lucky set of contestants $10,000 worth of outdoor furniture for their outdoor areas. In order to claim this prize, the teams participated in the famous Block challenge which resulted in Andy and Nate taking the prize. The brother-in-laws selected some beautiful outdoor furniture including a popular modular rattan lounge set, teak dining table plus chairs.

Previously, season 4 contestants from The Block James and Maree featured a cantilever umbrella in their large outdoor area.

Andy and Nate The Block NZ Outdoor Furniture

Andy and Nate The Block NZ Outdoor Furniture

Photos courtesy of The Block NZ

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