Tempest Outdoor Umbrella Shares Good Vibes At North Wharf

01 May 2020
Shade7's Tempest outdoor umbrella keeps the good times rolling harbour-side in any weather at Good George North Wharf, Auckland.

Good George Brewing is all about the experience, whether it be sipping delicious Waikato-brewed Good George craft beer or cider, or dining at one of their unique custom restaurant and bar venues.

Auckland CBD recently welcomed the Good George experience with the grand opening of Good George North Wharf in Wynyards Quarter.  Shade7, New Zealand’s premier home of outdoor umbrellas, was delighted to collaborate once again with Good George to ensure that, as always, the customer outdoor dining experience at this newest venue was the best it could be.

Good George Tempests

North Wharf, Good George’s latest (and some would argue, greatest) venue is situated on the always exciting city waterfront, enjoying stunning views over the beautiful Auckland harbour.  In their own words, sunshine, ocean, good brews and great food is the best of combinations and a great way to start or finish all sorts of other adventures.   The Shade7 team couldn’t agree more.

Tempests at Good George

The Tempest outdoor umbrella was embraced by Good George as the ideal solution to North Wharf’s umbrella requirements, perfectly emphasising Good George’s smart and hospitable vibe.  Impressively statuesque, the Tempest outdoor umbrella is Shade7’s biggest and strongest centre pole umbrella.  Coastal conditions, fierce summer sun, and the rain that falls on New Zealand year-round are all in a day’s work for the Tempest outdoor umbrella.

Bad weather Auckland waterfront

Although exciting and beautiful, harbour-side locations bring the necessary consideration of a different kind of excitement – ocean weather conditions.  Any outdoor umbrella must withstand all that the New Zealand coastal environment can throw at an exposed location.

Designed and engineered for coastal conditions, the Tempest outdoor umbrella will withstand wind gusts of 80-100kph when open.  When hardy patrons are game enough to brave the elements to savour a robust craft beer or cider in a robust wind, Shade7’s Tempest outdoor umbrella will be with them all the way.  And when the saner of us move indoors, the attractive umbrellas will still stand tall, putting on an impressive performance and providing the perfect frame for views of the choppy harbour.

Tempest Outdoor Umbrella

North Wharf is not the only Auckland harbour-side venue to make the most of the premium commercial shade options at Shade7.  HQ Viaduct restaurant and bar proudly displays six Tempest outdoor umbrellas and eight Venice sun umbrellas.

The Venice sun umbrella is a smaller centre pole umbrella, able to withstand wind gusts of 60-80kph.  Shade7’s Venice sun umbrella was also an ideal choice for Moana Sands Lagoon Resort in the Cook Islands.  Tropical sun and rain, beachfront marine conditions and the rigours of frequent use required a shade solution that was virtually bulletproof as well as enhancing the luxury holiday atmosphere.  Shade7’s Venice sun umbrella perfectly hit every requirement.

Shade7 is New Zealand’s leading supplier of premium residential and commercial outdoor umbrellas.  For your commercial or residential outdoor umbrella needs, contact Shade7’s friendly and knowledgeable team to discuss the perfect solution for you.

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