New Summer Outdoor Lounge Furniture Arrives

04 August 2017
In preparation for the new summer season of 2017/2018, OceanWeave have introduced some new outdoor lounge furniture collections to suit different tastes.

OceanWeave pride themselves in providing a flexible range of outdoor commercial, marine grade furniture to suit any outdoor environment. Adding to their collection, OceanWeave introduces the Cuba outdoor lounge furniture set. As one of the newest additions to the OceanWeave collection, the set boasts simplicity. The elegantly fashionable but minimalistic design of the Cuba model provides an aesthetic grounding for the pieces that sees to complement the varying environments that this set could be placed in. The choice to incorporate the curvature in the back support is an attempt to further the subtle nature of the model will providing a “sinking” feeling when sitting and lounging on the furniture.

The structure of the Cuba outdoor lounge furniture is constructed with powder coated aluminium. This ensures that the furniture will not oxidise when situated within a salt-filled atmosphere, whether this be next to a salt water pool or the deck of a beach house. The ribs of the frame not only accommodate the side arms and back rest but also further strengthens the base support of the chairs, mirroring the upper support. Accompanying the enduring frame of the Cuba outdoor lounge furniture is the equally enduring fabric of Sunbrella of which is a leader in performance fabrics both indoor and outdoor. The foam in which this Sunbrella fabric encases is manufactured in a way that water is not stored and instead falls through allowing it to quickly dry. The powder coated aluminium framing, marine grade fabric and quick-dry foam allows the furniture set to be located in extreme weather conditions while performing at the highest of qualities. For these very reasons, OceanWeave believes this furniture set is soon to be a top seller this coming summer as New Zealand is known for its extreme erratic weather.

In addition OceanWeave have also recently introduced two new teak dining tables with a classic wooden look that will complement any outdoor space. There are two different sized teak tables which will make outdoor entertaining a delight.

Contact OceanWeave or visit their showroom to see the furniture first hand.

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