New Wooden Teak Outdoor Table

24 July 2017
In preparation for spring and summer, OceanWeave have introduced a brand new outdoor table to their outdoor furniture collection. Two large outdoor tables have been introduced in a popular wooden teak style, giving a more rustic option for outdoor dining settings.

As a forward thinking customer-orientated company, OceanWeave aims to facilitate your needs all year round, even after the heat has faded and the rain has settled in. To remain a customer focused business, the team at OceanWeave continually ask themselves “What is it that customers want or need?” and “What is the most efficient and effective means of addressing these desires and necessities?” Through analysing feedback from customer and popular trends OceanWeave is able to answer such questions.

Although the cold, wet, and windy weather is ever present, our minds are set on the warmer weather to come and the time we are going to spend under New Zealand’s beautiful sun. In preparation for the much anticipated summer a new teak outdoor table collection has been released. The 6 seater A-legged teak outdoor table and 8 seater straight-legged teak outdoor table are the latest addition to the OceanWeave collection.

Wooden Teak Table 6 seaterThe A-legged 6 seater stands at 760mm (height), spans across 2000mm (length) and stretches 1000mm (width) comfortably seating 2 individuals on both sides and an individual at both the head and end of the table. The straight-legged 8 seater teak dining table stands and stretches at the same height (760mm) and width (1000mm) but to comfortably seat an extra two individuals the length is increased to 2600mm. The outdoor tables are manufactured using raw materials sourced through sustainable forest farms supporting the sustainability refocus and efforts in Myanmar of teak forest farms. As the teak is sourced from fully grown, matured trees that are well cared for and extracted appropriately, the highest of qualities can be ensured not only materialistically but also ethically regarding corporate responsibilities. OceanWeave is confident in the consistent quality, offering a 3 year warranty covering the teak outdoor table. This does not cover the fading of the colour of the table as this is the characteristic of teak furniture and is to be expected.

Wooden Teak Table 8 -10 seaterThe teak outdoor tables have been polished and stained to generate an antique look suitable for any setting. The stained teak finish adds to the present natural look allowing further adaption to an array of environments and outdoor dining chairs. The darker tone sees that the common whitewash rattan is the perfect aesthetic complement through the obvious yet supporting contrast (as pictured). The teak outdoor dining tables can be well accommodated and suited with OceanWeave’s range of outdoor dining chairs; Rio (as featured in The Block NZ), Athens and Mississippi. Each model is available in whitewash where all models bring and add their own characteristics to the table through the varying shapes and styles.

OceanWeave’s range of high quality outdoor furniture can be viewed online or at their Auckland showroom.

Wooden Teak Table 8-10 seater

Wooden Teak Table 8-10 seater

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