Outdoor Umbrellas Improve NZ Outdoor Dining Experience

02 December 2021
As the demand to offer open air spaces increases across New Zealand, many restaurants, bars and cafes can benefit from extending their business outdoors to create an outdoor dining experience with the help of a Shade7 outdoor umbrella.

Summer is upon us and the need for shade is about to dramatically increase. As the country moves into greater mobility, we have high hopes for the hospitality industry reviving quickly. More than ever, space is important to create a little healthy distance between groups of customers, and as an added bonus, created outdoors. This can be achieved through the use of outdoor umbrellas from kiwi company Shade7.

Creating an aesthetic yet functional outdoor dining experience is effortless with an outdoor umbrella. Shade7 umbrellas provide a primary function of shade protection, but they are also an attractive way of dressing up an outdoor dining area and assisting to define a section of outdoor space. Here are some ways that outdoor umbrellas can help create an appealing al fresco space quickly, through the use of Shade7 cantilever and centre post umbrellas.

Cornwall Park Cafe Riviera Cantilever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas are an ideal way to define a specific outdoor area while offering flexibility when it comes to furniture layouts. This style of umbrella frees up valuable ground space, without the interruption of a centre pole. Outdoor dining tables or lounge suites can be positioned without needing to factor in where the pole will sit amongst it. Shade7’s prime candidate for this situation is their Riviera cantilever umbrella. Designed and engineered by Shade7, the Riviera is a strong commercial grade umbrella, with heavy duty fibreglass arms. It’s tough enough for coastal environments, yet beautiful enough to add flair to any upmarket restaurant.

The Riviera is available in both octagonal and square canopies, with each shape offering different benefits to certain locations. One of the benefits of the square Riviera’s is that they can be installed side by side with minimal gaps and offer large shade coverage. The octagonal Riviera offers a different aesthetic as well as higher wind ratings for more exposed locations. The octagonal Riviera additionally benefits from two classic colour options, silver and matt black. Both shaped umbrellas come in different sizes, giving several options to suit any al fresco area.

Fiji Marriott Resort Momi Bay Riviera Cantilever Umbrellas

Shade7’s smallest market umbrella, the Venice, is the perfect way to create individual al fresco seating areas with flexibility over distance between seating groups. The Venice might be small but it packs a punch with very strong fibreglass arms and sturdy aluminium centre pole. It has been built to endure continual use in commercial settings and when printed, creates an effective branding opportunity. Not only does it look quite stunning having multiple umbrellas in one outdoor dining setting, but this economical umbrella can be cleverly used to separate customer groups easily. One umbrella clearly defines each table setting, with the option to distance tables accordingly. The Milan or Monaco umbrellas are a different, larger style umbrella and present similar benefits, but for larger group furniture settings.

Sno Cafe Venice Market Umbrellas

The Tempest is Shade7’s largest umbrella and the most efficient at generating a substantial amount of shade quickly, for larger outdoor dining areas. These huge umbrellas are a savvy way to create a designated al fresco area, protected from sun and rain, with some flexibility over furniture placement. Our square Tempests can even be installed side by side and joined with a gutter to create continuous shade and stop rain from dripping between umbrellas. The canopies are so large that multiple tables can be positioned underneath just one umbrella. Given the space, businesses can expand their occupancy by installing this non-permanent structure, which usually has the benefit of avoiding any building consent issues and allows you to get up and running swiftly. Twin Palms Cafe in Pauanui are an excellent example of a cafe growing its patronage through the use of an outdoor courtyard expansion.

Shade7’s range of commercial umbrellas have been utilised in a variety of hospitality and outdoor dining settings, as well as serving the residential market. Whether your job is urgent or you are making plans for the future, please contact the team at Shade7 today to discuss your project and commercial rates.

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