Tempest Outdoor Umbrella casts Giant Shade at Twin Palms Café Pauanui

04 June 2020
Blazing sun, salt-laden coastal winds and rain, all of these and more are why the elegant and robust Shade7 Tempest outdoor umbrella stands tall across New Zealand.

Shade7 Tempest outdoor umbrellas, engineered for New Zealand coastal conditions, protect kiwis from blazing summer sun, salt-laden coastal winds and rain all across New Zealand. Experiencing all of these coastal conditions, the coastal town Pauanui on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula is a favoured getaway for New Zealanders. At the mouth of the Tairua River, Pauanui is especially valued by city dwellers trading bustle for comfortable tranquillity. Whether residing permanently or holidaying in Pauanui, outdoor living plays an important role for those enjoying the easier pace and coastal access that the area offers. Which of course means managing the coastal conditions that affect outdoor living and challenge the kiwi urge to relax and socialise outside. Shade7 outdoor umbrellas, engineered for New Zealand coastal conditions, ensure that residents can enjoy their outdoor spaces year-round.

Shade7 outdoor umbrellas transform not only the functionality of outdoor spaces, but the appearance too. A Shade7 outdoor umbrella confidently adds to the ambience of elegant luxury. The umbrella of choice for most residential clients is the strong, stunning Riviera cantilever umbrella. However, residential properties in Pauanui are not the only sites to utilise the fantastic benefits of Shade7’s beautiful outdoor umbrellas. Businesses are no stranger to the power of a Shade7 outdoor umbrella to transform the function and appearance of an outdoor space, thus transforming the entire customer experience.

Pauanui Village Centre


Twin Palms café (‘before’ picture bottom left of village shops) at the popular Pauanui Village Centre recognised the opportunity to meet the demand for the quality and ambience expected by both permanent local residents as well as the influx of summer visitors.

Twin Palms Cafe Eggs

A very small outdoor area including a footpath and utilitarian carparks directly facing the café doors didn’t provide the space or really allow the right atmosphere for relaxation. So Twin Palms Café made a bold decision. Assessing the greater carparking area available at the Pauanui Village Centre, Twin Palms Café sacrificed the carparks directly in front of the café along with the narrow footpath. Instead, a generous outdoor area was developed in what is essentially a compact space.

Twin Palms Cafe Before

Landscaped gardens, custom seating and decorative slatted wooden walls with living gardens atop, completely transformed the size, appearance and the customer experience. Two Shade7 Tempest outdoor umbrellas were indispensable in making this work. With the addition of the giant Shade7 Tempest outdoor umbrellas, this beautiful transformation effectively expanded Twin Palms Café’s limited indoor seating.  The end result is an open yet private luxurious outdoor lounge, suitable for both sun and rain thanks to the quality marine grade acrylic canvas of Shade7’s Tempest outdoor umbrella.  This huge covered outdoor space effectively increases customer patronage by providing not only space but a lovely, quality ambience.

Tempest outdoor umbrellas are telescopic, meaning that as the huge umbrellas close, the mast telescopes up enabling the arms to close completely without touching any outdoor furniture under them. This means that any of the impressive size range, even the huge 5m square, are a practical option for fixed outdoor dining set-ups.  The square shape is perfect for lining up side by side, looking fantastic as well as ensuring maximum shelter.  And being a non-permanent structure, no permits are required for these umbrellas.Twin Palms Pauanui Tempest

With premium marine grade aluminium and stainless-steel components and fixings, and outstanding warranties, bistros and bars all across New Zealand experience the amazing way the Tempest outdoor umbrella expands and transforms outdoor areas. With the exciting optional upgrade of built-in LED lighting, the Tempest shines for diners and patrons enjoying the nightlife.

Columbus Coffee continues their relationship with fellow Kiwi business Shade7. Upgrading the outdoor umbrellas at their Sylvia Park café, constant use by staff and some exposure to wind meant the obvious choice was the Tempest outdoor umbrella, also ensuring a fantastic appearance and ambience for customers to enjoy. Good George on the Auckland harbour waterfront is another bistro to trust the Tempest outdoor umbrella to shelter their patrons and the result is stunning.

If you have an outdoor area for customers or for your friends and family, and are looking for solutions or upgrades, talk to the friendly knowledgeable team at Shade7. They will be happy to answer all of your questions, and to make recommendations to suit your unique situation and outdoor umbrella needs.


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