Super Strong Milan Outdoor Umbrella Stands Up To High Wind

17 October 2019
The new Milan outdoor umbrella has been created by Shade7 to challenge some of the toughest environments of high winds, searing sun and salty sea spray.

Outdoor umbrellas and high winds are not usually two concepts you would wish to put together, but the new Milan outdoor umbrella challenges tough weather conditions with strength and resilience. Beautiful coastal locations are naturally exposed to wind gusts, making outdoor umbrella owners very nervous when the wind picks up. Fortunately the Milan outdoor umbrella has been specifically designed to stand strong in these tough conditions.

New Zealand owned company Shade7 are experts when it comes to producing quality outdoor shade for both residential homes and commercial customers. They continue to innovate and enhance their centre post and cantilever umbrellas in regards to aesthetics, performance, function and endurance. The Milan has been designed and engineered as an answer to upholding shade in an environmentally challenging location, including New Zealand beachside homes and global tropical coastal environments.

The strength and stability of the Milan begins with the sturdy 50mm thick anodised aluminium centre pole. Usually the most vulnerable part of an outdoor umbrella is the arms, where inferior outdoor umbrellas are highly prone to breaking. The Milan however has been manufactured with tremendously strong fibreglass arms and fittings. Any resistance on the arms results in the fibreglass bending and flexing, just as you could picture a fishing rod does.

Drawing further comparison to a fishing rod, the Milan has been crafted with marine grade materials in order to combat rain or ocean sea spray, usually found in coastal environments. The Milan can easily be operated through the use of a high quality rope and pin system that functions through significantly durable stainless steel pulleys and other rust-free components.

Furthermore, for environments of consistent sun exposure, all components of this strong outdoor umbrella have been carefully selected for their ability to endure UV rays. The premium fabrics used on the canopy of the umbrella come from a European made solution dyed acrylic canvas fabric that is hardwearing against fade, rot and breakdown. With the highest sun protection rating available, and best colour fastness standard, the Milan canopy will endure years of attack from the sun and moisture.

Milan Square Grey Outdoor Umbrella

Shade7 have ensured that every component has been scrutinised in order to continue to produce some of the world’s finest outdoor umbrellas. The development of the Milan has evolved from more than 15 years of experience gained while designing, engineering and circulating exceptional quality outdoor umbrellas to resorts, hotels and commercial projects globally and nationally.

The Milan outdoor umbrella is the centre pole version of their popular Riviera cantilever umbrella. Recently the Riviera has also been given a heavy duty upgrade to a Riviera HD, making it the cantilever equivalent to the Milan. The first commercial project to take advantage of the Riviera HD was the beautiful Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort. Their outdoor umbrella collection also continues to show innovation with their new Stellar LED cantilever umbrella, featuring a clever unique tilting system and deck lighting through LED umbrella lights.

To understand more about the capabilities of the Milan outdoor umbrella, customers can visit Shade7’s website, their Auckland showroom or easily talk to them directly.

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