New Stellar LED Outdoor Umbrella Creates Deck Lighting

26 September 2019
Shade7 have expanded their cantilever umbrella range with the addition of the outstanding new Stellar LED cantilever umbrella, offering increased shade control in daylight and glamorous deck lighting at night.

New Zealand owned company Shade7 continue to lead the outdoor umbrella market with their innovative shade products, which now encompasses deck lighting. Focusing on the finest quality using premium grade materials, to meet the demands of both residential and commercial outdoor environments, keeps them at the forefront of luxury outdoor umbrellas. Transforming the traditional model of umbrella conventions, the cantilever umbrella features integrated LED umbrella lighting and a unique versatile tilt system.

The latest addition to the Shade7 outdoor umbrella collection is the brand new Stellar LED cantilever umbrella, designed to revolutionise shade flexibility. Constructed with two new distinct features that set the Stellar LED apart from other cantilever umbrellas, kiwi backyards will gain a whole new lease of life from sunrise until sunset. As the name stellar alludes to, both excellence and star-like lighting are exactly what the Stellar LED is all about.

Deck lighting and shade are simultaneously taken care of with the new Stellar LED cantilever umbrella. Integrated into eight canopy arms, the LED lights are built into the entire length of the arm, creating a star like structure that evenly distributes light over the entire area underneath the umbrella canopy. Whether the umbrella lighting is being used for a meal, reading a book, or creating a gentle evening ambience, the two high and low light settings will assist in setting the right mood. The Stellar LED umbrella lighting is powered by a low voltage 10 metre outdoor cable, ensuring the umbrella lights are always powered and ready for use.

In addition to the deck lighting, the primary function of the Stellar LED, and all umbrellas, is to creating shade in the daytime. The Stellar LED goes above and beyond most other outdoor umbrellas to create a high level of control over the shade provision. The outstanding innovation of the design of this cantilever umbrella allows it to not only rotate 360 degrees, but to also tilt itself in three differing directions. With 360 degree rotation, a cantilever umbrella not only maximises floor space by eliminating a centre pole, but it also shades a far greater surface area through its ability to rotate. Coupled with the versatile tilt system that allows the umbrella to be tilted to the left, right and also back toward the mast, the Stellar LED propels itself towards the market lead in shade flexibility and control.

Shade7 have launched the Stellar LED in a classic 4 metre octagonal shape, with the popular charcoal tweed coloured fabric and matching protective cover bag. Perfect for use in a kiwi backyard, owners of the umbrella will be given confidence with the two year residential warranty on the frame, three year warranty on the polyester fabric canopy, plus a one year warranty on the integrated LED umbrella lighting system.

The Auckland, New Zealand based company is no stranger to innovation, with their creation of their popular Riviera and Monaco outdoor umbrellas. Recently they have launched two new heavy duty models, the Riviera HD cantilever umbrella and the Milan outdoor umbrella, as they continue to innovate shade products for tough NZ coastal environments with kiwi ingenuity.  With an online shopping cart and nationwide delivery available, the Stellar LED cantilever umbrella is ready for all residential homes across New Zealand. The Stellar LED, along with a range of Shade7’s other outdoor umbrellas, can be viewed and tested first hand in their Auckland showroom. Contact Shade7 to discuss how you can achieve shade and deck lighting with a Shade7 outdoor umbrella.

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