Paraflex Sun Umbrella Casts Perfect Shade in Small Outdoor Spaces

11 June 2019
Small outdoor spaces are a valued part of inner city living. Shade7 have the perfect answer to elegant shade in compact outdoor areas.

In New Zealand’s inner cities where space is increasingly scarce, more and more people appreciate the luxury of small purpose-built outdoor living spaces, whether they be high-rise balconies, a split-level patio or a miniature courtyard. With our busy lives, the low maintenance of small outdoor spaces often makes them a preferred option. But how best to add the benefits of protection from sun, UV light and other hampering weather conditions such as drizzle, without compromising style, function and space?

The perfect solution for small spaces year-round is Shade7’s versatile Paraflex sun umbrella. Wall-mounted, the Paraflex offers fantastic shelter without losing any floor area. The clever wall mounting also means no pole obscuring either the view or your companions, and no base near your feet. The Paraflex’s versatile tilt and rotation features provide shelter from glare and UV damage throughout the day.

And the Paraflex is truly a year-round solution. Winter is the season we often huddle indoors away from the wind and the rain. But here in New Zealand, fresh air is a pleasure. Outdoor annexes, balconies and courtyards come into their own in the cold season. Catching up with friends for an intimate chat over steaming hot coffee or taking a moment’s peaceful solitude with a good book or a little personal screen-time can be savoured in the vibrant clean air of winter. But even winter light can be harsh, especially without the filter of leaves overhead, and UV rays don’t take a break when summer ends. Small outdoor spaces can be unsuitable for the large outdoor cantilever umbrellas that Shade7 specialises in. And the unpredictable winds of winter can render conventional sun umbrellas too buoyant to relax under. The elegant wall-mounted Paraflex provides the ideal solution.

Designed and manufactured in Belgium, the Paraflex sun umbrella uses the finest marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel materials to ensure strength and durability. There is also a choice of two fabric options.

First up is high-quality Olefin fabric. The washable Olefin canopy is UV resistant (SPF40) and comes with a 2-year warranty. There is an even higher-quality option, which also opens up the colour range: Shade7’s premium solution-dyed acrylic canvas. This fabric carries a 7-year warranty and has the highest possible UV protection rating according to European standards. Acrylic canvas is especially ideal for crisp or drizzly days when you want to be out in natural light and fresh air regardless of the season.

As always, the Shade7 team is constantly upping the ante, and there is an exciting new Paraflex addition heading this way. For outdoor spaces with a little more room, a 3.0m canopy is joining the ranks of Paraflex shade options. So if wintertime isn’t the right time to improve your sun umbrella options, there will be good reason to call in to the Shade7 showroom at 41 Morrin Road, St Johns in Springtime. For any information regarding Shade7’s Paraflex sun umbrella and other outdoor umbrellas, contact their friendly team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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