Why Tilting Cantilever Umbrellas Give More Shade

18 March 2022
The sun isn't always directly overhead, so an umbrella that moves to screen the sun is a must for maximum shade over the entire day. Shade7 ultra-strong premium tilting umbrellas have the perfect solution.

Protection from the sun is something every quality umbrella offers. But the sun doesn’t stay in one place, and neither does anyone enjoying outdoor living on decks or patios, or by the pool or on beach-front properties. An umbrella canopy that can rotate to follow the sun is one excellent feature to greatly increase protection from the overhead sun. But what about when the hot summer sun is low in the sky, sending friends and family inside to escape the scorching, blinding sunshine?

Imagine being able to angle an umbrella canopy so that it sits between those burning, glaring rays and your favourite sunny place to relax. That is exactly what a tilting outdoor umbrella does. And Shade7’s sun umbrellas that tilt. and cantilever umbrellas that tilt are second to none when it comes to providing maximum shade no matter what angle the sun is. A canopy that can tilt will protect you and your loved ones not only from the high sun, but when it sinks, dipping beneath the edge of a standard umbrella canopy and even lower. This article will explore the tilt features offered by Shade7’s cantilever umbrellas.

Riviera tilting


Shade7’s premium outdoor cantilever umbrella is the Riviera. This marine-grade umbrella has been designed and engineered for New Zealand conditions, and is in pride of place all over New Zealand in the most stunning locations, as well as featuring prominently at numerous Pacific resorts. The Riviera cantilever umbrella comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each offering a 360-degree rotating mast and canopy.

In addition, the umbrella canopy tilts down the mast to block the hot sun as it moves lower in the west, or rises in the east. The angle of the tilting canopy is easily adjustable from gentle to steep and anything in between, significantly extending the reach of shade, and therefore adding many more hours of use over the long summer days. The canopy edge closest to the mast slides down the mast while the opposite side of the canopy rises into the air, a little like a giant satellite dish. When the sun dips below the edge of an ordinary umbrella, blinding and scorching you and your guests, the Riviera canopy can be tilted to screen those low rays, casting a long restful shadow along the deck or patio.

The Stellar cantilever umbrella is a newer addition to the Shade7 range. Where the Riviera shines in exposed and spacious outdoor spaces, the extremely versatile Stellar umbrella is a fantastic option for more residential or sheltered areas. The Stellar also offers a 360-degree rotation, and has two tilt functions which make it hard to beat for privacy and shade. The canopy tilts down the mast a little like the Riviera, albeit not so steeply. But the true advantage of this elegant umbrella is the side-to-side canopy tilt. The canopy has 3 fixed angles each side, from gentle to steep.

When tilted sideways, the canopy effectively becomes a screening wall. The extreme screening effect of the two tilt functions combined is particularly noticeable in the 3m square. With the canopy tilted to the side, and then also tilted down the mast, the canopy is like a giant diamond, with the lowest corner reaching down to screen even extremely low sun, and creating even greater privacy.

Paraflex on veranda

Another fantastic tilting cantilever umbrella for small or enclosed areas is the Paraflex, a wall-mounted hexagonal umbrella that has a versatile 2m arm that can extend to its full two-metre length, or bend at the one-metre centre joint to angle left or right. When the umbrella is closed, the arm can fold flat against the wall in either direction (left or right) for easy storage. The handle at the end of the arm can hold the canopy frame at the bottom of the centre pole like a rain umbrella, or partway up the pole, effectively lowering the canopy height to aid in screening low sun. In addition, the canopy can tilt away from the wall, offering excellent protection from low sun. Suited to sheltered areas, this umbrella is perfect for urban courtyards and balconies that are screened from wind but drenched in sunshine.

Bolting your Shade7 cantilever umbrella to the deck or concrete patio, or using an in-ground fitting, will give the best performance and appearance, although freestanding and moveable bases are available. Shade7 has helpful advice on choosing the best size, shape and style umbrella, as well as where to install your cantilever sun umbrella to maximise the tilt and rotation features. And Shade7’s experienced friendly staff are on hand to help. Contact Shade7 or visit the Shade7 showroom at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington for expert advice for all your outdoor sun umbrella needs.

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