Why Tilting Sun Umbrellas Are A Fantastic Option

18 March 2022
Any quality sun umbrella shelters you from the overhead sun, but what happens when the sun moves? Shade7 has you covered for sun protection all day long.

The team at Shade7, home of premium outdoor umbrellas, are frequently asked three questions by customers in search of the perfect sun umbrella.

First – what kind of umbrella should I get? Cantilever or centre pole?

Second – what size umbrella should I get?  How big is too big? Or too small?

Third – what shape umbrella should I get? Is square better than round (octagonal)?

And now, thanks to outstanding innovations by Shade7, there is a fourth question that especially draws umbrella customers to Shade7: “is an umbrella that tilts a good option?”

Yes, it is a fantastic option, and this article will explore the reasons why.

Tilting canopies are not new to the world of sun umbrellas. But a marine-grade, highly wind-rated umbrella that performs as beautifully as it looks is less easy to find. Shade7 have brought together their premium materials and quality design to offer tilting umbrellas that will go the distance, look amazing and perform fantastically for years.

Shade7 have tilting umbrella options in their cantilever umbrellas, the Riviera and the Stellar, and the wall-mounted Paraflex also offers a tilt function. But many people want a less imposing umbrella that can be physically moved around their deck or pool area. In this instance, a cantilever may not serve the purposes, and a centre pole umbrella will be the best choice. A tilt can still be highly sought after for centre pole umbrella customers too. The fantastic news is that the centre pole Venice sun umbrella is also available in a tilting option. In this article we will look at the benefits of the Venice Tilt tilting centre pole umbrella.

With fine fibreglass arms, the light Venice is one of Shade7’s strongest sun umbrellas. The standard 2.6 Venice Sun Umbrella is wind-rated to 80kph, and its 38mm diameter aluminium pole although light is very strong and comes apart in the centre for easy storage. Its elegant style, superior marine-grade materials, durability and ease of use keeps it in high demand by residential and commercial customers alike.

This popular 2.6 Venice umbrella is now also available with a tilting canopy, called the Venice Tilt, exclusive to residential customers. Also available in a 2.2 square size, the Venice Tilt is perfect for elevated areas, such as apartment balconies, which experience the afternoon sun differently than ground floor dwellings. Where the sun will soon shine in under the canopy of a non-tilting umbrella, the Venice Tilt canopy can tilt forward to screen the low sun, with the tilt operated by a stainless-steel winder handle that also makes closing the umbrellas effortless. For those not seeking a tilt umbrella, the winder handle makes this a popular option for anyone who doesn’t want to use a traditional rope and pulley system to open and close their sun umbrella.

Even with the addition of the tilt mechanism to the frame, being made of all the same materials as the standard Venice, the Venice Tilt will withstand winds of up to 40kph when open and level. For customers who are chased off their balconies, decks and patios by the heat and glare of early or late sun, and who don’t have the room for a Shade7 cantilever umbrella, the Venice Tilt is a game-changer. The Venice Tilt can transform a small sunbaked area into a restful oasis, enabling people to sit outside in any part of the day.

A centre pole sun umbrella like the Venice Tilt can be fixed in one place or moved around level outdoor spaces on one of the two popular base options as the sun travels across the sky, or simply loosen the spigot handle bolts, tilt the canopy, and rotate the umbrella until the tilted canopy faces early morning east or late afternoon north-west, and retighten the spigot bolts: repeat any time over the lovely long summer days, or during those short winter days when the sun travels low for most of the day. Winter sun is welcome for its warmth, but can be blinding, so having the option to screen the sun is so useful.

With marine grade materials and acrylic canvas cover bag, as with any Shade7 umbrella, the Venice is designed to stay outside year-round, and remain looking beautiful for years. Despite its extremely durable frame, pole and canopy, the Venice is light enough to move, and with the pole being made up of two pieces that separate, if wished, the Venice is easily lifted and stored out of sight.

For areas that require a bigger scale canopy, the most effective tilting umbrellas are undoubtedly Shade7 cantilever umbrellas. For those with bigger spaces to shade, pairing the Venice tilt, or any of the non-titling Shade7 outdoor sun umbrellas with a Shade7 cantilever umbrella is a popular alternative to getting more than one cantilever umbrella, although installing multiple cantilever umbrellas is also a very popular option. The many benefits of the tilt function so valued in Shade7’s cantilever umbrellas are explored in the article ‘Why tilting cantilever umbrellas give more shade’.

For any further information, visit Shade7’s comprehensive website, or contact the team directly. Shade7 have their tilting umbrellas on display in their attractive showroom at 1096 Great South Road, Mt Wellington, Auckland, where their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to demonstrate the tilting functions.

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