What Cantilever Umbrella Should I Get?

12 July 2021
Here are some handy tips for choosing the right cantilever umbrella for your outdoor space,

Shade7, New Zealand’s leading home of premium outdoor umbrellas, offers stunning outdoor umbrellas known for strength and durability, providing many years of beautiful shade. Shade7 Cantilever umbrellas transform the way New Zealanders enjoy outdoor living and are an increasingly sought-after landscaping design feature.

You can read about the advantages of a cantilever umbrella in our blog post Should I get a cantilever Umbrella.

If you have already decided that a cantilever umbrella is the best umbrella choice for you, this article will help you to understand what to look for in a cantilever umbrella, and which cantilever umbrella design will suit your outdoor space, giving you the best shade coverage.

What shape cantilever umbrella do I need?

The most versatile umbrella shape is the octagonal, or round canopy.

  • This traditional shape works well over furniture. The arms are usually short enough to close over outdoor furniture, including tables – an important consideration.
  • The octagonal umbrella is stronger in the wind than a square – the octagonal has shorter arms, all the same size, all sharing the load with less fabric than a square.
  • When rotated, a circle (or octagon) looks symmetrical regardless of position.

Riviera HD

The square canopy is a contemporary take on outdoor umbrellas, but the setting does not need to be modern for a square canopy to be effective.

  • The square canopy looks stunning aligned with the straight edges of a deck or pool.
  • When comparing square and octagonal in equivalent sizes, the square canopy gives a little more shade.
  • The ability to rotate a square or rectangular umbrella away from high furniture to be closed can be an important factor when considering this shape. The corner arms are usually below the level of a table when closed and can be lower than lounge suites.
  • When a square umbrella is rotated, it may no longer be symmetrically aligned with the straight edges of the outdoor space.

Riviera Square Cantilever Umbrella

What size cantilever umbrella do I need?

The hot summer sun can make unsheltered outside spaces unusable. Shade7’s recommendation is to get the largest canopy size possible. Riviera cantilever umbrella sizes range from 3.5-4m octagonal, and 3-3.5m square, with a 4x3m rectangle available for a limited time. Stellar cantilever umbrella will offer 3.3m octagonal and 3m square this summer.

Surfeits and narrow decks are not always a restriction to canopy size, as the ability to partially close or tilt the canopy allows the umbrella to rotate through narrow areas or above surfeits and open out over the bigger living space areas. In most instances it does not matter if the canopy extends beyond the edge of the deck or patio – the more shade the better.

Areas enclosed on three sides are more restricted in terms of size options. The open canopy will usually have to fit within walls with at least 300mm gap distance to walls allowing for movement in the wind, as well as access to the winder handle and rotating pin. A similar restriction can sometimes apply where high fences sit close to patio areas. Choose the canopy size that covers your outdoor space best.

Multiple living areas

Shade7 cantilever umbrellas rotate 360° and tilt to screen low sun. While a full 360° rotation is not required by every umbrella owner, a rotation of 90-180° is extremely useful. This enables coverage of multiple living areas as the sun moves across the deck. Shade7 cantilever umbrellas offer differing tilt functions, which provide additional shade and privacy.

Riviera tilted

Exposed Areas

New Zealand is a land of many seasons, often in one day as the song goes. A strong and resilient umbrella is essential for many New Zealand outdoor spaces. The Shade7 team help numerous customers who share tales of expensive yet ultimately flimsy umbrellas that have left them out of pocket and out of shade. Shade7 outdoor umbrellas consistently surpass customer expectations for strength and durability.

  • The Riviera is an exceptional umbrella, designed for NZ conditions, ideal for coastal, rural, or other exposed locations and is suitable for residential and commercial environments, such as the Sheraton Samoa. Wind-ratings when open and level range from 40-60kph, depending on shape and size.
  • The Stellar has a wind-rating of up to 30kph when open and level. The Stellar is perfect for residential settings, suited to semi-sheltered areas.

Stellar Cantilever Umbrella

Shade7 cantilever umbrellas are all about quality of outdoor living, making the most of your outdoor spaces without undue discomfort or risking UV damage to your skin. The benefits of cantilever umbrellas are also explored in the article ‘What is a cantilever umbrella?’. Where best to install a cantilever umbrella is discussed in the article Where should I install my Cantilever umbrella.

If you are considering installing a Shade7 cantilever umbrella in your outdoor area, and have questions about where best to place it, contact the friendly team at Shade7 and they will be happy to discuss the options best suited to your unique outdoor areas with you.

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