Your Guide On How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

04 August 2016
There’s nothing worse than having guests around for dinner under clear skies, on a warm summer’s afternoon or evening and finding to your dismay that the perfect outdoor scene that you have imagined for the evening is distorted by dirty, grime filled furniture that you have not cleaned all winter. At OceanWeave we promise quality with all of our furniture, but we cannot promise quality weather, so make sure you follow our guide on how to clean outdoor furniture.

Wind, rain, pollen, dirt, leaf residue, liquids, all left untreated can result in unwanted accumulation of dirt and spots of mould begging for attention. This article will take you through how to clean outdoor furniture to maintain its premium quality, which takes into consideration the different materials that we use, including Sunbrella, Warwick and Unique Scatter cushions.

We recommend that the furniture should be stored or covered when not being used to maintain its pristine condition. CoverMania provides quality furniture covers if storing the set is not an option. Also, not all of us have the luxury of time and efforts to do so either. In this case a seasonal clean would be needed.

How to clean outdoor furniture Raucord Whitewash Weave

When cleaning the hand-woven material RAUCORD, a light bristle brush would be needed, much like a brush you would use on a car. This will reduce chances of leaving unwanted scratches. Dirt tends to gather in the concave of the weaving and an occasional light brush through will bring the material from Germany back to life. If dirt and grime has worked its way in a manner that it remains after the light brushing, then an application of water can be added without any harm coming to the material.

The Sunbrella seat cushions use a quick dry foam technology that allows the seats to dry faster, along with manufacturing the material in a way that makes the cushions resistant to mould. To further protect these cushions OceanWeave offers 303 Fabric Guard which repels water, increasing the longevity of the Sunbrella materials. Evenly spray the liquid across the clean fabric until it is wet, allowing the cushions to dry in the sun. CAUTION: Do not use this liquid on the woven RAUCORD material. Immediately wipe away over spray to avoid damage. If wine has made its way onto the fabric staining the fibres, then another product offered by OceanWeave (303 Fabric Cleaner) is designed to remove difficult stains. Spray the application onto the area stained until it is wet. Agitate the area with a wet cloth or soft-medium bristle brush. Once done, wipe the area clean of the stain and allow time for the material to dry.

To bring more colour to their furniture most customers purchase 2 or more Warwick or Unique scatter cushions from the range of colours and design offerings that OceanWeave have. Much like the Sunbrella cushions, the products 303 Fabric Guard and 303 Fabric Cleaner are recommended for cleaning. This stain guide will help determine the extent of cleaning that would be required.

For more information on how to clean outdoor furniture fabrics please visit Sunbrella, where you will find further instructions on cleaning and maintaining various outdoor fabrics.

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