Lagoon Breeze Villas Use Outdoor Furniture Indoors

17 May 2018
OceanWeave have been part of a wide variety of projects both in New Zealand and overseas. This next project involves independent holiday accommodation in Rarotonga, which uniquely includes OceanWeaves outdoor furniture as part of their indoor furniture.

OceanWeave’s premium outdoor furniture have been featuring in many residential homes and commercial properties around the world. Despite being designed specifically to withstand various outdoor weather conditions, a recent commercial customer has utilised the furniture indoors.

Lagoon Breeze Villas offer self-catered villas on a 4 acre garden site in Rarotonga, suitable for family groups. As they are self-catered, they offer a unique holiday experience for independent groups who want to make their own meal arrangements aside from the complimentary tropical breakfast on offer.

The Cook Island property features 24 villas or studios. Lagoon Breeze Villas were refurbishing some of their existing villas while adding some new villas to the property. They called on New Zealand company OceanWeave to supply them with some high quality furniture for inside these villas.

OceanWeave offer a variety of outdoor furniture pieces including lounge suites, dining sets, bar sets and day beds. Lagoon Breeze Villas were in search of some new furniture for both dining and relaxing inside their villas. The outdoor furniture weave style nicely suits the tropical style of the décor at Lagoon Breeze Villas. They selected the Coral lounge furniture, Coral dining set , coffee and side tables, plus OceanWeave’s Rio dining chairs. These pieces have all been crafted from the high quality rattan looking weave material RAUCORD, made by reputable German company Rehau.

Whilst OceanWeave’s furniture has been specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions, the strength of the furniture makes it highly durable indoors too. The special synthetic RAUCORD weaving material has been tested with 50,000 constant cycles of load at both high and low temperatures, demonstrating its ability to withstand continuous usage by occupants. As the furniture can handle rain, the weave style as opposed to traditional indoor upholstery also makes it suitable to handle accidental spills from an indoor environment. Likewise, the cushions are made from a high quality outdoor fabric by Sunbrella, the leaders in producing premium durable and colourfast materials so that they wont fade quickly with constant sun exposure.

Supplying indoor furniture is not a typical project for OceanWeave as their focus is on high quality outdoor furniture. They do however enjoy being part of unique projects such as this outdoor bar in Paihia, New Zealand.

OceanWeave invites commercial customers to contact them directly to see how they can assist them with a project. They also advise commercial customers to download their Commercial Catalogue to see the range of furniture available commercially.

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