Outdoor Furniture New Zealand Debut

05 August 2017
OceanWeave continue to offer high quality outdoor furniture New Zealand can enjoy for many years to come. Crafted to the highest standards using the best materials available, the new Cuba outdoor lounge furniture is no exception.

Summer is on its way and so are the additions to OceanWeave’s new and exciting outdoor furniture New Zealand will enjoy. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, OceanWeave continues to drive, develop and support emerging trends regarding outdoor furniture with their consistent focus upon the customer effectively and efficiently supplying what it is that their customers want and need. With no exception, the new Natuna outdoor lounge chair adds to the numerous diverse models that OceanWeave has to offer that uniquely satisfies customers with the varying characteristics each range holds. The Natuna outdoor lounge chair range has a uniquely elegant and purposeful design with the shape of the furniture being designed to not only look good but to serve a purpose.

The commercial grade rattan (wicker) used to provide the fill of the furniture is handwoven using the finest of outdoor materials known as “Raucord, a German fibre sourced from Rehau. The Raucord has been stress tested in conditions of -10oC and 50oC. The aim of the test is to ensure that the outdoor furniture and weaving stays in take after 50,000 cycles of loads, this is equivalent to 7 year of commercial use (based on 20 people setting on the same chair per day every day), making the range ideal for commercial usage and overqualified for residential use.

The framing of the Natuna outdoor furniture range is constructed with powder coated aluminium which means the framing will not oxidise proving to be equally enduring to the high quality rattan used. The aesthetic structure of the curvatures not only offer supporting comfort but also forms a storage space for cushions used with the Natuna. The cushion found upon the Natuna outdoor furniture are Sunbrella. Sunbrella is the global market leader in outdoor fabrics due to the colourfast, water and stain resistant, and washable characteristic of the material. The Sunbrella combined with the structural materials of Rehau and appropriately suited aluminium sees the Natuna Range align  perfectly with OceanWeave’s collection and mission in providing premium outdoor furniture at a price that represents the best value for money.

Released at the same time, OceanWeave have also added the Cuba outdoor lounge furniture to their collection, which has a very different look to the Natuna.

You can view the full range of OceanWeave Outdoor Furniture New Zealand has.

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