Large Commercial Outdoor Umbrella Equipped with LED Outdoor Lighting

02 December 2019
Shade7’s largest commercial outdoor umbrella is now available with LED outdoor lighting. The optional new feature has instantly transformed the umbrella into a practical and ambient evening feature.

New Zealand owned and operated company Shade7 pride themselves on providing high quality outdoor umbrellas for both commercial and residential markets. With a premium range of umbrella models, shapes and sizes, their umbrellas are constructed with both strength and beauty in mind. Shade7 strive to provide innovative products to help improve the performance and usability of shade for customers both locally and overseas. The addition of LED lighting into their Tempest umbrella is a welcomed feature to lengthen the usability of the large umbrella throughout the day.

The Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella is Shade7’s largest and strongest outdoor umbrella available. As a non-permanent structure, it easily and effectively provides shade and rain cover without requiring any building consent. In addition, the large umbrella now comes with a valuable new feature, integrated full colour LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor umbrellas are typically used for shade in the day time, but with the inclusion of LED outdoor lighting the umbrellas can easily be transformed into a beautiful ambient evening feature. The functionality of the lighting system is a simple process that will be effortlessly executed by any resort, café, restaurant or commercial user.

Operating the outdoor lighting system, particularly to select colour, brightness or visual profile of the lights, can be done remotely without any contact to the umbrella itself. The LED light can be adjusted simply by using the remote control supplied or from an app downloaded onto a mobile phone. The built in system offers a comprehensive range of LED light colours including white, which can conveniently be selected from the extensive colour wheel.

Conveniently the outdoor lighting is connected via a 10m cable which can easily be plugged into any wall socket. The power cable can be laid out in many ways, including running it under ground, across a garden, cutting it into concrete or raising it overhead. As the lighting system is run off 24 volts, it means that an electrician is not necessarily required for installation.

The Tempest is available in 3 square sizes, 3.5m, 4m and 5m. What sets the Tempest apart from other commercial outdoor umbrellas is its high wind rating. Shade7 believes it to be the best commercial outdoor umbrella, being one of the highest wind rated retractable commercial umbrellas on the market. Most of the Tempest sizes are engineered to withstand wind gusts up to 100kph, which is a substantial wind rating. These high wind ratings demonstrate the strength of the Tempest, which is supported by a heavy duty aluminium mast, double reinforced arm joints and anodised aluminium and stainless steel components.

Combined with marine grade materials and either a heavy duty PVC or a premium quality solution-dyed acrylic canvas fabric, the Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella is a resilient shade option for any outdoor setting.

The giant umbrellas are featured in many New Zealand and Pacific Island locations including the recently installed Tempests at The Base shopping centre in Te Rapa. The Tempest umbrella is not Shade7’s only umbrella to feature built in LED lighting.  Their residential umbrella Stellar LED also comes with built in LED lighting to offer a beautiful evening setting for New Zealand homes.

To discuss any commercial projects in New Zealand or globally, contact Shade7 directly.

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