Shade7 Brings Luxury Resort Living To New Zealand Backyards

27 August 2020
Make luxury resort-style living a reality in your backyard with the Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella.

The sentiment ‘hard work is its own reward’ is true up to a point. But for many, hard work means more than satisfaction in the job itself, and more than covering necessities. Being able to enjoy the comfort and finer things that hard work can bring is a deeply satisfying reward that keeps us motivated and focused.

In these strange times, the importance of nurturing ourselves and those we love has been brought forcibly home. With freedom of movement around the globe restricted, and experiencing restriction of movement even locally, many of us are looking at our lives and the places in which we live them with new eyes. Making each moment count looks different.

Instead of escaping New Zealand shores seeking luxury and relaxation, we are looking to our own neck of the woods, and to our own backyards to enjoy the rewards of our labour. There has never been a better time to do so.

Whatever the size and shape our outside spaces might be, whether nesting, or creating a resort experience at home, New Zealanders excel at outdoor living. Getting out into the air and the sun, swimming whenever possible, we make the most of this part of the planet we are so lucky to inhabit. We are taking a moment to celebrate the ways in which the Shade7 Riviera cantilever umbrella brings resort-style living to New Zealand homes.

Riviera Yellow Cantilever Umbrella

In wide open spaces, lining the Riviera cantilever umbrella up is visually stunning as well as immensely practical. The symmetry of the spacing, the beautiful anodised aluminium masts like sentinels, and the repeating pattern of gorgeous marine-grade acrylic canvas canopies are jaw-droppingly impressive in any location. Against square lines, the round shape of the octagonal canopy adds a softness and symmetrical balance that is very pleasing to the eye.

As in the home pictured, poolside guests can recline beneath each canopy, rotating the umbrella as the sun moves, tilting the canopy when the sun dips.  When the party moves closer to the house for coffee or meals, even if the sun has been replaced by rain, the canopies will rotate to provide shelter for outdoor dining and socialising on the other side of the glass wall.

The Riviera cantilever umbrella is wind-rated from 40-60kph, and for those in exposed locations the upgrade to the Riviera HD with its fibreglass arms adds an extra resilience to this already extremely strong umbrella.

Riviera Square Cantilever Umbrella

With their long corner arms carrying the canopy fabric all the way out, square canopies cast the most shade. And when lined up, the square Riviera cantilever umbrella is like a stunning row of open-air rooms, giving all the enjoyment of a warm summer’s day in luxurious comfort. The tilt and rotation create a vast area of shelter from sun and rain.

Round Outdoor Umbrella by Pool - Shade7 Milan

For those wanting a moveable option, centre post umbrellas such as the Milan outdoor umbrella or the Venice and Venice Tilt sun umbrellas offer both style and versatility.  With canopies ranging from 2.2m – 3m square all the way up to 4m octagonal, and extremely strong bases with wheel options, there is no need to hide indoors away from the heat when the sun moves. Simply unlock the castor wheels or tilt the base onto its built-in wheels or round edge and roll to where you are reading, relaxing poolside, or sharing time with friends. The fun doesn’t have to end before you want it to.

Orange Outdoor Sun Umbrella - Shade7 Venice

When enjoying the outdoors in New Zealand, whether around the country or at home, ensuring sun protection is effective as well as beautiful is a must. Shade7 outdoor umbrellas keep the entertainment going at luxury resorts, as seen at Tihi Lodge on Waiheke Island. At parksrestaurants, cafes and vineyards all across this beautiful country, Shade7 adds to the ambience and keeps New Zealanders safe from harmful UV rays. Protecting ourselves from sunburn occurs to most of us when we can see sunlight and feel heat.  On a hot sunny day, the shade of a UV resistant umbrella is welcome as well as sensible. But in New Zealand we need to be particularly careful about managing the impact of the outdoors, exposing our skin to the different types of UV damage, dangerous even on cool and cloudy days. Shade7’s premium acrylic canvas from Recasens in Spain has the highest possible UV protection rating of UPF 80 according to European standards, cutting out the maximum amount of harmful UV light. This is the kind of protection that means time spent under a Shade7 umbrella is more than just restful.

If you are considering bringing the pleasure and reward of resort living to your own backyard year-round, contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Shade7 and they will be happy to help make your vision a reality.




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