Tempest LED Outdoor Umbrella Lights Up The Shade

29 August 2020
Shade7's giant Tempest outdoor umbrella offers built-in LED lighting to light up the shade across New Zealand

Shade7’s statuesque Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella has become part of the New Zealand landscape, standing proud in the inner cities and coastal and rural landscapes of this beautiful country. A favoured option for restaurants and bars, rows of Tempest umbrellas are a welcome sight for patrons. Shade7 Tempest umbrellas mean quality and commitment to premium customer experience, and patrons know that a Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella is a sure sign of good times ahead.

Tempest outdoor umbrella Good George North Wharf


To offer the impressive scale of the Tempest outdoor umbrella, strength and design is paramount. Blending superb design and premium materials, the Tempest is extremely strong, highly wind-rated from 80-100kph depending on shape and size.  This is a fantastic benefit for businesses, for whom closing outdoor umbrellas every time a strong gust of wind passes through is simply impractical.  And as an umbrella is considered a non-permanent structure, no permits are required for installation. This makes providing generous alfresco shelter for patrons a swift and straightforward process. Of course, as the Tempest commercial umbrella is an umbrella, it is sensible to close these giant structures if weather gets too rough for practical comfort.

Queens Wharf Tempests (10)

And when closing the Tempest, another fantastic feature is revealed – the Tempest outdoor umbrella is telescopic.  There is no way to offer a 5m x 5m canopy, with giant corner arms stretching out at a greater length than the centre pole and be able to close it without the ground or tables getting in the way. But with the Tempest mast telescoping up, drawing the long arms with it until they close well above the ground, the Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella becomes a genuinely viable solution for restaurants and bars where alfresco dining and outdoor entertaining is a feature. It also adds versatility for public spaces, universities and private dwellings where scale and strength is required from shelter that can be closed.


A major consideration for anyone either offering or enjoying outdoor dining is outdoor lighting. Never ones for resting on their laurels, Shade7 continues to innovate and optimise customer experience. The newest exciting optional upgrade to the Tempest outdoor umbrella is built-in LED lighting. This alfresco lighting option will transform outdoor entertainment. Straightforward to install, the LED system utilises a 10m power cable that simply plugs into any wall socket.

Tempest Commercial Umbrellas with LED Lights

The Tempest built-in LED lighting comprises full colour spectrum and hues, with intensities ranging from softly ambient to bright and clear. With versatile features like changing colour gradations and variations of light patterns, the Tempest built-in LED lighting is the perfect outdoor lighting solution.  outdoor dining and entertaining has never looked so good. The lighting options are easily managed with a small remote control, or a handy phone app.

Tempest LED

Another advantage attached to this fantastic built-in LED lighting is the outstandingly functionality: with the highly effective outdoor lighting an elegant part of the umbrella, the clutter and hazard of other outdoor lighting is eliminated. During the day, or when the light from outdoor heating might be preferred, leave the LED lights off. When socialising or dining in the shelter of the Tempest commercial outdoor umbrella, and seeing food and fellow guests is important, choose a steady bright light.  When an easy ambience is preferred, mute the lights to warm. Dancing or club vibe, or attracting passers-by? Have the colours rotate through the spectrum; add a pulse and set the tempo.  Saint Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day celebrations? Try green or red lighting.Tempest Commercial Umbrella with LED lighting

And adding to the many layers of function this premium telescopic outdoor umbrella offers is the blank canvas ready for your branding. Imagine a stylish premium-quality billboard that can shelter your guests from sun and rain, that attracts passers-by, and advertises your brand even from a distance.  Vineyards and breweries are among those businesses capitalising on all the fantastic features and benefits of the giant telescopic Tempest umbrella.

Tempest Commercial Umbrellas

If you would like to discuss your commercial outdoor umbrella needs, and the solutions Shade7 can offer, contact the friendly team at Shade7 and they will be happy to work with to achieve the perfect solution for your outdoor space.

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